“Rush Said…..” Always Stops The Presses

January11/ 2015

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Jan 2015

Surely you Heard About It. Everybody heard about it. It made the IntergalacticNewsNetwork. If Santa’s sleigh had been hijacked by Nick Saban dressed as Taylor Swift – That would have been 2nd to THE #1 STORY of This Christmas….. Rush Limbaugh & The Black Bond!

KABOOM !!! A “Rush Said” set the The Drive-by Media Universe en fuego – Again! It was AWESOME, Baby!

It was a throw-away blurb from Rush’s famous “Stack o’ Stuff”. But it was El Rushbo’s stack o’ stuff and that ALWAYS makes it an ALLCAPS BFD….. Going into his 26th year as THE #1 Quotable Personality on The Planet.

Imagine all the world’s media housed in an 80-story skyscraper. 23 of those 80-stories are filled with media interns and pimply-faced dweebs who do nothing but monitor Rush’s 3-hour show Mon-Fri anxiously waiting for him to say anything provocative that they can extract…. take out of context…. and place after the prefix “Limbaugh Rages About _________!” There is an entire cottage industry of such sad sack little goobers.

Rush could whisper “Mary had a little lamb” into his mic and it would be LIMBAUGH RAGES!

As Rush often says “this show is show-prep for the entire liberal drive-by media”. “They” talk/write about what Rush said about whatever. They don’t hang on every word from O’Reilly, Beck, Coulter, Hannity, Savage, or …. or ….or. They hang on What Rush Limbaugh Said Today About _____.

Those other popular “right-wing talkers” are all fine successful broadcast professionals. God bless’em. They’re them. And Rush Is Rush.

The KABOOM is not “whatever he said ABOUT “a black Bond” or whatever”. The KABOOM is simply Rush said it.

What did The Pope say recently? What did Vlad Putin say? What did Obama, Biden, Boehner, or even Ol’ Sharpy Al say recently? IF The Pope tweeted; The Pope would Retweet Rush. Who else’s every utterance sends info-babes and blow-dried news twits into guaranteed hysterics to the level that Rush does, and has been doing for OVER 25 YEARS.

For 23 of those 25+ years I’ve noted that when Rush does eventually flip the Off switch on The Golden Microphone in EIB’s Southern Command Center after another decade or two / 30++ years….. the front page, above-the-fold headline in the NY Times, WaPo and on CNN / MSNBC will be “We Said Limbaugh Wouldn’t Last”.

THE SINGLE most irritating burr under the saddle of every pointy-headed sanctimonious, goggle-eyed spittle-spewing liberal twit on God’s green earth. And he does it “with half his brain tied behind his back”.

The specifics on Rush’s Black Bond Kerfluffle don’t really matter but lets sum it up.

A day or so before Rush made it a Global BFD, there was a sidebar story in the entertainment media that an actor named Idris Elba might be a possibility to “be the next Bond” after Daniel Craig’s run is done. Idris Elba is a great actor most well-known as Luther on Netflix. Elba is British or Scottish or Irish or Welsh or Cockney or one of those umpteen different United Kingdom ethnicities…. but his outer epidermal layer is ebony so Idris Elba IS a black guy…. with an odd name. But, hey, “Rush” is an odd name too..

Elba’s character Luther is a butt-kickin’ tough-guy detective for the London PD. He often “crosses the line” to catch the bad guys as we like our tough-guy detective types to do. In the end Elba’s Luther wins and bad guys lose. It’s a great series. I strongly recommend it.

Imagining Idris Elba / Luther as a 00 operative for MI6 is not a stretch at all. If there would ever be “a black Bond” Idris Elba would be on the short list to get the role.

Heck, lets play this parlour game: Who might be “a female Bond”….. “a midget Bond” ….. “a gay Bond” ….. “a Muslim Bond” ….. “a one-legged Bond with a glass eye”?

Hellfire…. go into any bar in the world and ask the assembled patrons “who’s your favorite Bond Girl?”. You’ll instantly get as many answers as there’s been Bond Girls. All the answer that are not Honor Blackmon as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger will be wrong, so there will be a lot of simply wrong answers.

Folks, trust me. Rush doesn’t care if Idris Elba is “the black Bond” or not. Why not Cedric The Entertainer or Snoop Dogg? More power to Elba. Rush was simply being provocative. BUT since “Rush Limbaugh said ______” it ignited the “We Are SOOO Jealous of Rush We Can’t Breathe” media horde. Wonder if they have t-shirts with that on’em?

It wasn’t like Rush called Elba “a slut” or said “I hope Idris Elba fails” or ……. (fill in your favorite from 26 years and bazillions of Rush Saids).

Did this Rush Said set off a Tsunamic KABOOM “across the pond? Well, “we hear” that this latest Rush Said caused the BBC to scrub an in-depth documentary Comparing the Butts of Pippa Middleton and Kim Kardashian. That is pretty awesome competition indeed.

Just another day at the Golden Microphone for our favorite “harmless little fuzzball”.


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