I Agree With The UNC-CH Whinees

December04/ 2014

STOP THE PRESSES! The latest group of adolescent misfit toys are all aflutter over at UNC@Chapel Hill. Continuing a tradition going back to The Tet Offensive, The Selma March and The Demise of the Snail Darter. A motley little gaggle of runny-nosed whinees are doing their votive candle, locking-arms, aswaying and abeseeching act just as generations before them have done so predictably over at The Flagship. This time, of course, its “Ferguson”. Next week it will be something else.

Except this time I’ve actually found tangential agreement with a key tenet in said whinees’ mournful manifesto.

I love to watch “the regional media” cover these social justice “Demonstrations”. Round-up a dozen weak-chinned goobers of assorted real and imagined genders. Give’em some poster boards and magic markers, a dozen votive candles and stick’em in front of some recognizable campus venue. I recall Chancellor “Meezie” preferred the steps of The Library. South Bldg and/or The Pit are popular choices.

The 3rd string info babes instruct their camera guys to take really tight shots so they can insinuate there are “really a lot of” weak-chinned bedraggled goobers gathered, rather than the “about a dozen”. Get one of the bedraggled dozen to claim on-air “there are 100s of us out here” and let that stand as the official crowd estimate. Unless, of course, the cause de jour can afford Bully Barber’s “Logistical Expert”.

Also you will note that 8-10 of this dozen look familiar. Whoa…. it’s the same sad sacks who were “demonstrating” last month for “free range chickens” or was it the Honduran Coffee Growers Alliance. These yahoos like to work the word “Alliance” into their official organizational name. Don’t know why, they just do.

Regardless of the cause, I can always find 6-8 familiar forlorn faces in that very tight camera shot of the “really a lot of” demonstrators. There’s always a tall gangly kid with jug ears and a stringy-haired girl with a really bad complexion. They must be majoring in Social Activism. Who would be surprised if that is actually a curriculum over there.

So this week’s UNC Student Alliance In Support of Deceased Gentle Giant Street Thugs issued its Manifesto which, of course, 3rd string info-babe employed by sympathetic limo liberal media mogul, published in its entirety. Misspelled words and all.

Said Manifesto urged all its members (all twelve of them) to “only do business with merchants who support our cause”. Franklin Street merchants supporting “Deceased Gentle Giant Street Thugs Who Rob Area Merchants”…. only in Chapel Hill might there actually be such.

I got to thinking. I already do that…. for my cause at least. My cause being The Alliance of: Mainstream conservative family men who make their own way, are accountable for their own mistakes, respect the rights of others, say Merry Christmas, and try to never text while driving unless absolutely necessary.” The recent election showed there are lots more of us than some wanted to believe.

I counted up the assorted merchants and service providers I currently frequent. In most cases I have “done business with” these folks for 10-15 and as long as 25 years.

They are my: lawyer…. accountant…. dentist…. optometrist…. ophthalmologist….. auto mechanic… barber…. mailing center lady…. pastor…. tailor…. banker…. shoe repair guy…. State Representative…. favorite diner…. fitness club guy…. roofer…. plumber…. and this absolutely wonderful little Korean lady who has been my dry cleaner for those 25 years.

They all share my ideological point-of-view on pretty much all major socio-cultural issues of the day. No, I did not qualify them before I began doing business with them. I learned their ideological persuasion over times.

That wonderful little Korean lady was listening to Rush one day when I came in back in 1989. I told her “you do know that might run off some customers”. She asked “it won’t run you off, will it?” I said “Heck no” and gave her a big hug. We bonded forever right there. I have THE BEST Korean dry cleaner lady on the planet.

The other goods/services suppliers and I discovered our shared ideological persuasion in a variety of haphazard coincidences over the years.

I don’t broadcast my ideological persuasion in any overt way. Other than…. I do bathe regularly. I don’t wear sandals. I smile and say please and thank you a lot. I wait my turn when they are busy. I show up on time for appointments. I pay promptly for services rendered. I ALWAYS thank them profusely when I need a special service ASAP and they can accommodate me. While I don’t “tell jokes” I do try and cheer up their day in a multitude of small ways. …… and somehow they figured out I’m a Christian Conservative…… Go Figger!

So there you are. I do share a “strategy” with the little runny-nosed dweeb holding a votive candle standing with nine other bedraggled dweebs in UNC’s The Pit showing their support for Deceased Gentle Giant Street Thugs this week.

Imagine “It’s A Small World After All” playing in the background……

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