Ferguson and Barbecue are Two Subjects that…

December01/ 2014

The Ferguson Situation and Barbecue…. Two subjects about which EVERYONE, apparently, considers themselves to be an “Expert”.

You’ve expressed your “expert” opinion via social media or in possibly heated conversation over the recent holidays. Your discussion partners had strong “expert” opinions too. Depending upon the “diversity” of your social circles, they either agreed or disagreed with your considered opinion.

Hopefully no disagreements when either party was holding a carving knife.

The primary audience for this website “leans right” as the media likes to define partisan bias. They (media) “lean left”. But you know that. As with most subjects of a socio-cultural-political nature, the assumptions declared FACTS by “the media” don’t jive with what you are pretty sure probably happened that night in Ferguson.

J-schools don’t teach “facts” any more. They teach “social justice” otherwise known as Reparational Journalism.

You and I probably have the same basic idea what actually happened. I might allow for a bit more latitude in some procedural errors by Officer Wilson, but I certainly do not see “poor cuddly teddy bear” Michael Brown as “an innocent citizen gunned down “in cold blood” because he happened to be black”. Michael was a “big ol’ black thug on a marijuana high who had just robbed a convenience store”.

This is the ultimate “cause célèbre” BECAUSE Michael Brown was black. If he had been Hispanic or Oriental or Ukrainian no one would have given a damn. Civil Rights Race-baiters are one color-centric. Hispanic, Oriental and Ukrainian thugs who rob convenience stores while on a drug high need to get the name of the PR agent that handles publicity for big Black thugs who rob convenience stores while on…..

If “cuddly teddy bear” Michael had been white and Officer Wilson black, this would be a non-story. Black on White Crime is THE most non-covered epidemic in America. How come? The media (il)logic is if they don’t report it then it simply doesn’t exist.

I’ve sent you to this site before. I’m doing it again. LINK …. now you send it to ten friends.

I suppose it is possible that the media might “get this correct” but the odds are against it. The media knee-jerks any volatile racial incident to their own “left-leaning agenda”. Then (1) shoehorns all emerging factual evidence into their agenda. Or (2) simply ignores it if it is too far afield from what they want it to be. Under that “rule” Officer Wilson never had a snowball’s chance in Hell. The official term is Reparational Journalism.

A reporter is expected to ignore and/or twist any “facts” to mollify his/her degree of personal guilt over “the inhumanity of slavery”. There is Lou Gehrig Disease and Tommy John Surgery…. This is known as Kunte Kinte Syndrome.

NOTE: Kunte Kinte was the Lavar Burton character in Roots. He represented the original African-American according to Alex Haley. Haley never indicated if Kunte wore a hoodie (Trayvon) or if he was “a sweet cuddly teddy bear” (Michael).

This Ferguson mess is not going away. The Obama Regime will not allow it to go away. It is to his advantage to drive this country to the brink of an All-Out Race War and for him to emerge as the only logical messiah to intervene and Save America. Simply the latest chapter unfolding in his original master plan.

WHOA Pierce! Are you going all “Conspiracy Theory” on us?

Maybe. Never forget that 50% of all conspiracy theories are bogus. But which 50%?

I caution you not to overthink all this. Stirring up a nasty race riot, even a nationwide one, is not that complicated…. when one has the mainstream media as one’s co-conspirator and incendiary accelerant.

IF the media held the Race-baiters to any level of credibility this would have died out a week ago. They don’t so it didn’t.

The pathos and legitimate concern for our fellow man has been “successfully” overwhelmed by the choreographed urban street theatrics and predictable alligator tears from Garth Brooks and his stupified celebrity ilk.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE: As we all saw so dramatically with the recent election results…. the majority in this country do not buy the liberal media crap.

The Republican Wave that swept out Harry Reid’s Gang proved the ever-increasing irrelevance of mainstream media. ….. DON’T FORGET THAT!

Did you know that….. when Mary Landrieu is defeated this week, every Governor, Senator and State Legislature between North Carolina and Texas will be Republican?

Bet your local media hasn’t told you that. Wonder why not?

You and I and our like-minded acquaintances are the most effective media conduit in America. Never forget that. Stay in touch with your Conservative friends. Remind one another that the mainstream media is our enemy every bit as much as Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Barber et al…. and, of course, send them this website.

Those of you in North Carolina…. tell me again why you still subscribe to a McClatchy or GSBO N&R newspaper. Why you still watch Jim Goodmon’s WRAL in Raleigh? You support the enemy Why?

BTW…. did you know that Jim Goodmon sent a WRAL news team out to Ferguson with Bully Barber? Goodmon is Barber’s personal media toady. Yet Goodmon has never had Barber in his home and never will. Wonder why that is?

Limo Liberal is an anagram that spells Ultimate Hypocrite.

I’ll add a 3rd subject to Ferguson and Barbecue about which EVERYONE is an expert – Who should be the College Football Final Four. BobLee really IS an Expert on that, or so he says.

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