Hagan Coulda Used “a Logistics Expert”

November05/ 2014

On a historic night when The Magnificent Seven (Plus) new Republican Senators Kicked Barack Obama Butt there were so many highlights. The night started out great and just kept getting Betterer and Betterer with the highlight coming just before midnight. We switched over from FoxNews to WRAL for that special moment…..

Two of Jim Goodmon’s WRAL dumpster-diving stooges – David “Crabby” Crabtree and “Goodmonette Diva” Laura Leslie were distraught….. almost in tears. “Crabby” and Laura had done all they could do to demonize Thom Tillis for the past two years. Lies, distortions and more lies and distortions day after day all backed by Jim Goodmon’s Limo Liberal bucks; but in the end:

…… there was no “Logistics Expert” Peter Anlyan around to save Dreadful Kay Hagan. Peter Who ???

I’ve been thru far too many Election Nights to think any one of’em Doom America or, in the case of last night – Save America. Politicians are people and people are flawed and even the best governmental system ever devised has its built-in glitches.

Who can ever forget that one Election Night that lasted Three Months and introduced us to that little four-letter word – “chad”? Last night wasn’t quite that melodramatic.

Maybe there won’t be any more “attack ads” interrupting your ballgame watching for the next year and a half. Maybe the losers have gritted their pointy-teeth and called the winners to concede. Maybe the winners have tried to be gracious in accepting their opponents’ surrender. But America is still a very divided country.

Choose whatever alternative verb for “hate” you want; but “we” really don’t like “them” at all and “they” really don’t like “us” at all. Absolutely nothing about last night changes that one iota.

Elections in America don’t end like Rugby matches. Muddy scrummers all leave the playing field arm in arm to get knee-walking drunk together. Not hardly.

Elections in America don’t end like Punic Wars either.

When Rome finally defeated Carthage after a century or so of assorted Punic Wars, the victorious Romans “salted the fields” of Carthage so nothing would grow there ever again. That’s why 2100 years later Carthage is (1) not in The United Nations…. and (2) not in The Olympics OR Women’s Soccer World Cup.

Cato The Elder was even more ruthless than Odious Karl Rove. It was old Cato The E who stood up in the Roman Senate and uttered:

“Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”…..
“OK, Now Carthage Must Be Destroyed” and it was.

The closest we got to that last night was NC’s “other Republican Senator” Richard Burr noting that Harry “The Rat” Reid would now be moving to a much much smaller office very very soon. Indeed he will, Richard. Indeed he will. Get thee to the basement you beady-eyed little worm.

When Victorious Republicans kicked the ever-lovin’ crap outta the Basnight / Rand gang and took over total control of the NC General Assembly a few years ago, the ever arrogant Thoroughly Defeated Democrats were banished to glorified janitors’ closets and itty bitty cubicles deep in the sub basement of “Jones Street”. Many of the banished bunch promptly quit rather than be so humiliated. Maybe many in Harry “The Rat” Reid’s gang will do likewise. I bet they will.

The much Facebooked-about Revolt of The Pissed-Off Tillis-hatin’ Super Americans pretty much fizzled yesterday. Yes, the goofy pizza guy did get the usual 100,000 Libertarian votes that go to the Libertarian de jour but only around 5,000 Pissed Off Tillis-hatin’ Real Americans were counted. Neither Crazy Uncle Earl nor John Rhodes made a blip on the screen. Can you say Irrelevant Pissed-Off Tillis-hatin’ Real Americans?

So many sidebars to last night to be recounted in the weeks to come.

Whoa there Pierce. What about that obscure Peter Anlyan reference? – LINK.

Surely you’ans remember Peter? Remember Rev Billy “Bully” Barber’s so-called Greatest Street Mob Rally Ever back 6-8 months ago. Remember those 10,000 (maybe) loonies, liars, full-blown crazies, and smelly ol’ hippies that Bully led down Raleigh’s Fayetteville Street? Then you remember Bully’s “Logitics Expert” – aka Jim Goodmon Hey Boy – Peter Anlyan.

‘Twas Goodmon’s long-time Boy Friday / Cook & Bottle-washer / and “have Peter bring the doughnuts” guy – Peter Anlyan who decided “AT LEAST 80,000 AND MAYBE AS MANY AS 100,000” sounded more impressive than “a few thousand goggle-eyed goobers who think Bully Barber is some kinda very very large Guru”. Peter Anlyan was right. It sounded so much more impressive that Team Bully sent out press releases quoting “a logistics expert” (aka Goodmon’s boy Peter) and, of course, the national mainstream media weasels jumped all over “80,000” like crows on june bugs.

“80,000 and maybe lots more…..” was indeed more impressive and, of course, a Bald-faced Lie but, hey, it was a Bully Barber sideshow. Whattayaexpect? No one ever took Bully’s Hoot & Hate carny acts seriously except Bully hisownself and the Barber-ians mini-mobbers….. oh, AND The McClatchy newspaper weasels and, of course Jim Goodmon’s dumpster divers.

Tillis thumped Hagan by 50,000+ REAL VOTES last night. Surely Peter “Logistics Expert” Anlyan coulda conjured up his “at least 80,000 if not more” more imaginary votes for Dreadful Kay Hagan.

From the sad sad sad constipated expressions on Crabby’s and Laura’s faces at midnight last night, it was obvious they were expecting Peter to do just that.

Watching Crabby and Laura’s on-screen constipation I thought of Deborah Ross. Deborah was one of those “I will NOT move to the basement” Demmies that quit the legislature to be “a lawyer for the bus company”. Deb was infamous for her mournful soliloquys on the House floor that always began – “It’s a dark dark day for North Carolina”. It was a dark dark night for Deborah. 🙂

If you thought Ruben Studdard whupped up on Clay Aiken on AI, ya should check out what Renee Ellmers did to Clay last night. It was brutal.

It’s just a rumor…. but we heard Peter Anlyan, Rob ReilleWho and Ned Barnett were all over in Rob’s basement playing Pop Go The Media Weasels and drinking warm Cheer-wine. Poor poor poor Peter, Rob and Ned…..

I fully expected the N&O’s above-the-fold headline Wednesday morning to read:

“Sig Wins Wake Co Commiss Seat / David Price Wins Big in Chapel Hill”

I bet Sig and Price don’t even subscribe to that paper any more.

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