Voter Fraud is OK because….

November03/ 2014

Since “early voting” kicked-in a few weeks, I’ve been reading a non-stop litany of Democrat scoundrels committing all manner of VOTER FRAUD and ballot-stuffing and assorting Election-porn. All of which is being documented on video, et al. I’m SHOCKED…. SHOCKED I say! NOT!

WTF…. why does this SHOCK anyone? What’s next? Water Determined To Be Wet and It’s Hot In Phoenix In August (but its dry heat)?….. It’s who they are. It’s what they do. If these weasels had integrity, they couldn’t be liberals.

Liberal Democrats see Elections like Hitler’s buddies saw Genocide.

“Hey, it (voting / genocide) is a dirty bizness but we gotta do what we gotta do. Since we’re the ones doing it, it must be OK because we’re smarter than anyone else.”

Tell yourself that every two years and pretty soon there’s smoke coming out of the chimneys at Dachau.

Yeah, I know that is a trite comparison. In political name-calling, when in doubt go with “Hitler” regardless of who you are against. But I couldn’t come up with a more apt comparison. The amount of blatant in-your-face voting fraud that these beady-eyed sumbi*ches perpetrate defies any other description.

When pulling a wide-spread con like Nationwide Voter Fraud or Ethnic Cleansing do it blatantly. Be so in-your-face about it that people are too stunned at the brashness of it all to try and stop you.♦♦♦
“Hey, Joe that beady-eyed dude with the ‘dreads just pulled a stack of fake ballots out of his backpack. He’s stuffing them in the ballot box hand over fist? What should we do?”

“Dunno Mary. There’s nothing in our poll-watchers handbook about ‘beady-eyed dudes with ‘dreads with stacks of fake ballots. Hey, here comes Bully Barber with a list of death certificates he wants absentee ballots for. Can we stop him?”

“If we do, he’ll scream that dead black people have as much right to vote as live black people if none of’em have valid IDs. Besides he’s one Really Scary Dude.”

Democ/Liberals have no for-real conscious anyway so “cheating” isn’t cheating if they convince themselves that they can do no wrong even when they do do wrong. “Wrong” being an out-moded “white capitalist term” or some such silliness.

Democ/Liberals would cut the heads off puppies and kittens if they thought it might mean a few more votes for’em.

They consider the REAL WRONG in Elections being that “we” non-Lib/Dems even get to vote at all. That is a crime in their beady little pig eyes.

No amount of you trying to work thru how they “do it” without a pang of guilt will work. Can you figure out how VietNamese eat dogs? Sort of the same concept. Election Voter Fraud is a deep-seated cultural thing for Lib/Dems.

Having black-eyed peas on New Years for normal people = Cheating on Elections is a similar tradition for them.

Tomorrow is going to be close at least in NC’s Tillis v Dreadful Hagan. I’m feeling very good about us kickin’ butt nationally. That detestable rat – Harry Reid – will be moving his office to the basement next to the dumpster and his Senate parking space will be in Fredericksburg. Could not happen to a nicer POS.

When the Lib/Dems lose the Senate look for “DiFi” and a few others to “quit”. They won’t be able to function “out of power”. They are low-down dirty weasels.

My last column on The Holier-than-thou “Real Americans” who are voting for Crazy Uncle Earl or Rhodes or WhoCaresWho certainly stirred up that motley bunch. They take themselves really really really seriously. ….. yawn. Sore losers is all they are.

If tomorrow is a BIG WIN DAY for us “good guys” don’t expect any “congratulations” from the ilk of Jim & Barbara Goodmon (yuck, ptui) or the wretched folks still on-the-payroll with McClatchy newspapers. That crowd are way too small in every way to ever be magnanimous. Another bunch of low-down dirty weasels.

Expect RobRielleWho to flatulate some esoteric bilge about “Conservatives don’t deserve to be in charge because we Liberals are soooo much more intellectual.”

If Dreadful Kay Hagan does win, she will find her itty bitty office next to Horrible Harry’s down in the basement. Unless her husband can swing another stimulus deal with Kay’s pal Barack. McClatchy papers buried THAT story of course. I hope you know that.

NEVER FORGET: Liberalism could not exist for even one week without the total capitulation of its mainstream media stooges in concealing its true nature and its ideological failure.

Conserv/Repub politicians ain’t perfect by any means. They will disappoint you if Perfection is your standard. Life disappoints you if you expect it to be Fair.

Win or lose…. I’ll still be here come Wednesday. Hope you will be too.

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