The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations at UNCCH

October23/ 2014

“Socio Cultural / Academic Hypocrisy Uncovered over in Chapel Hill”. YIKES!! Whats next – “Coal Uncovered in New Castle” ….. “Political Corruption in Chicago” ?

BobLee has THE definitive (and quite hilarious) piece on this Fiasco on Franklin Street as expected – LINK. To lurk in the shadow of BL’s awesome insight is an honor in itself. Allow me this humble observation.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations was coined in a 2000 speech to the NAACP by none other than George W. Bush . If you’re not familiar with the term, now you will be. The phrase NAILS this latest arrogant scallywaggetry in Old Well Land…..

That such an awesome academic citadel could be shaken to its very core by a low-level admin slugette is quite remarkable by itself. Deborah Crowder’s “scheme” playing out, unfettered, over almost 20 years is a testament to what one does NOT see when one is obsessed with patting oneself on one’s back 24/7.

As St Dean Smith discussed Nietzsche and Kierkegaard with professorial navel-gazers along Franklin Street, “little Debbie” (the low-level admin slugette, not the Twinkie-like cake) was insidiously debunking everything the institution and its community touted itself as “being all about”.

We heard yesterday that Deborah “felt sorry for” students”, especially student-athletes who came to UNC-CH from disadvantaged backgrounds lacking the intellectual foundation to survive in an academically demanding environment. Deborah was determined to “help them”.

NOTE: We should note here that recent discoveries of wholesale “grade inflation” in high academia at UNC, Duke et al might debunk the concept of “academically demanding environments”.

On the surface that seems oh so altruistically delightful, doesn’t it? UNC-CH is nothing if not oh so “altruistic”…. or at least appearing to be so. “Appearing to be” being the key phrase here. In truth, Deborah, and UNC’s, true altruism is about as deep as a parking lot puddle.

You are familiar with the axiom of “give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish”? Deborah corrupted that to “give a student a grade he didn’t earn and then you and he gloat about how you beat ‘the man’.” And gloat about it for almost twenty years. Reparational Academics.

Hey Deb, why stop with just grade corruption? Recall Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist and Fagin’s “school” to teach street urchins like Artful Dodger, Bates and Young Twist the “skills” of petty crime.

Maybe Deborah coulda shoulda helped her socially / academically underprivileged youngsters in the life skills of tax evasion, shoplifting, drug running, pimping and tearing the tags off mattresses too.

Seriously….. is there any difference in Deborah Crowder’s concept of “getting thru college by cobbling the system” and a Bully Barber raging about “our folks don’t need so stinking IDs. It’s our reparational right to perpetrate rampant voter fraud.”

Both “oh so caring” advocates are convinced that young AfAms are simply incapable of competing on any sort of playing field…. other than athletics. Rather than working to improve their environments via reinforcing the concepts of nuclear families and personal accountability, the Deborah Crowders are saying “cheating” is the only way you’re ever gonna get by.

I once asked a hot-bloodied race-baiter about my age: “Where did society ‘go wrong’ since the CRA 40+ years ago that we keep producing under-achieving generations of African Americans despite endless entitlements programs?”

He furrowed his brow, glared back at me and said it was all Art Pope’s fault. And here we are.

The soft bigotry of continually lowering expectations….. tell a youngster he/she does not need to apply themselves to any task. Rather, lets find a way to get around the ongoing challenges of life via assorted nefarious routes. Aka…. lets cheat.

Is even oh-so-pristine UNCCH now acknowledging the total fallaciousness of this approach?

In the long term probably not but they did yesterday. I have “confidence” in UNC Chapel Hill to revert back to “the Carolina Way” in short order. ….. sigh.


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