You Are NOT Alone!

October16/ 2014

How on God’s Green Earth (yes, it’s still His, and the ACLU can’t sue Him to take it away from Him) do we Conservatives EVER win elections….. EVER have any voice in how America is governed?

If you “believe” (OK, I’m being silly here) anything one reads / hears on so-called mainstream media, then you know “we” are the vilest, lyingest, no-count, sorriest, dumbest, SOBs to ever walk on two legs or possess opposable thumbs. But somehow “we” have indeed managed to win “some” elections in recent years. Go Figger!

If you believe anything you read or hear in the mainstream media then you ARE as stoopid as they say you are.

Our candidates are not “messianic demagogues” nor do they pretend to be. Good thing, huh!

I don’t recall any Conservative candidates touting his/her MENSA membership or quoting their IQ score. Again, good thing, huh!

Our rag-tag candidates NEVER receive endorsements from any of the self-appointed “major media” in NC or across the country. “Receive endorsements” – Hell, we’d settle for the “major media” simply not blaspheming our mammas and daddies.

Yet somehow “we” managed to wrestle the NC General Assembly and the Governor’s mansion away from the Oh So Intellectual and Oh So Kind-hearted and Oh So Simply Wonderful Lib/Dem hooligans, bullies and down-right criminals.

AND…. we did it with every Conservative voter having a valid photo ID. ……. Again, Go Figger!

And “we” control the US House of Representatives…. and “we” might, just might, take control of the US Senate next month.

BUT how is any of this possible ??? Locally, the “award-winning” journo-weasel Rob “RielleWho” Christensen huffs and puffs and looks down his upturned nose at us thru his beady little rodent eyes every week in every way. Rob and his McClatchy employers are on-record as having deep personal dislike for Thom Tillis…. and Pat McCrory.

I picked up a copy of The Independent recently. The only noticeable editorial and news difference between that notorious rag and a McClatchey paper is that the Independent has more ads these days…. and their ads are somewhat more amoral.

Over at WRAL, CBC’s silverspoon LimoLiberal Jim Goodmon went so far as to hire a special dumpster-diving team when “we” took over the NC General Assembly. Their sole job is to discredit, defame and destroy any/all Cons/Repub officials. Do “whatever it takes” to defeat them was his order. Yessa Massa Jim, what ever you say, boss.

Similar situations exist in Greensboro and Charlotte…. and we won’t even get into the hippie communes of Chapelboro and Haight-Asheville. ChapelHill/Carrboro and Haight-Asheville are “typical” mainstream North Carolina communities….. RIGHT???

According to these oh-so-smart journalist (cough, cough, burp) “we” never have a chance in any election because “almost everybody” agrees with them. “Almost everybody” —– INDEED! Hey…. recall all those “100s of” nitwits, nabobs, felons and fruit-loops who hung on Bully Barber’s every raging rant this past Spring. That mangy collection of mis-fit toys SURELY represented EVERYONE in North Carolina. Right??? OK, maybe not the two old hippies who were “dry-humping over in the corner” during one of their well-publicized take-overs.

Do I really have to remind you how McClatchy attacked Dr Billy Graham in July of 2012 for a supposed “church / state” violation….. then wholesalely praised and fawned over Rev Bully Barber. NEVER forget that…. or how Rob RielleWho earned his nickname.

These people are terminally afflicted with rabid arrogance. They have elevated totally delushional to an art form.

These “journalists” never never never print or say a discouraging word about a Lib/Democ candidate or incumbent. They pride themselves on never reporting ANY negative aspect of their campaign or their slurs re: the Conservative candidates also being repeated by the “mainstream media”.

Kay Hagan DID WHAT?
Kay Hagan’s husband DID WHAT?

Read CarolinaPlottHound and you will find all sorts of interesting info about Wonderful Kay Hagan – Media Darling and lock-step washed-in-the-blood Obama Disciple. The only difference between Kay Hagan and Nancy Pelosi is thirteen years and ten pounds of botox.

So…. how come its just a coupla weeks before “the mid-terms” and Thom Tillis is neck&neck with Kay Hagan. Without that “idiot pizza guy” and the Greg Brannon hard-cases, Tillis would be significantly ahead. How can that be?

It can be BECAUSE You Are Not Alone. There are a LOT of us. A LOT more than the journo fops and fools want you to know about. There are MORE OF US than there are of “them”…… AND we all have valid photo IDs too.

If you believe what you read and hear in the mainstream media then you ARE as stoopid as they say you are.

THAT is what it boils down to, folks.

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