UNC J-School Dean Poo-Poos Governor McCrory

September29/ 2014

When I saw Pat McCrory’s comment last week re: “we don’t need any more journalists” my first thought went to a regional media executive who I know for a fact dislikes Thom Tillis A LOT.

My second thought went to the current Dean of The UNC Journalism School – Susan KIng.

Dean King, in a recent interview with Chapelboro.com (LINK), poo-pooed the Governor’s comments and notes she looks forward to “educating him” on the current state of journalism / mass communications in the near future. I bet you do Dean KIng.

Several months ago Dean King’s Journalism Department hosted an appearance by Dana Perino – FoxNews personality and former GWB press secretary. Blondie and I attended the Perino appearance at the invitation of a prominent J-School undergraduate.

Note I did not say “Dean Susan King invited Dana Perino” to UNC. The unabashed Conservative pundit appeared thru the courtesy of the Roy H. Park Foundation.

The late Roy H. Park was a very successful media mogul. He was also a graduate of NC State University where his “Park Scholarships” hold the high esteem of UNC-CH’s Morehead Scholarships.

Mr Park’s Foundation funds other scholarships for the UNC J-School as well as sponsoring the annual programs that brings nationally prominent speakers such as Dana Perino to the UNC campus. A year or so ago, The Park Foundation was instrumental in bringing FoxNews’s Roger Ailes to Chapel Hill for a similar program.

I was not that familiar with Roy H. Park so I asked the afore-mentioned “prominent UNC J-School undergrad” about him. Have I mentioned that said undergrad is decidedly “of the Conservative persuasion” ….. quite unbeknownst to Dean Susan King?

Yes…. a UNC undergrad rose to a prominent position in their J-School despite holding a political ideology contrary to the unofficially official position of Dean King and her acolytes. Again, completely unbeknownst to Dean King.

Following Dana’s most excellent presentation we were chatting with my young friend and I inquired about Park. A broad smile followed by a laugh insued…..

“Dean King has warned us to not discuss politics with any of the Park Foundation board members because “they are not on our side…..”.

Meaning, of course, the radical left-wing ideology preferred and preached by UNC J-School Dean Susan King.

The UNC J-School has “a side”!!! I WAS SHOCKED….NOT !

It took him a year but apparently Governor McCrory has finally realized that not only the UNC J-School but all the prominent so-called “mainstream” media has “a side” and that side manifests itself in never-ending attacks and undermining of him and his administration.

Oh…. that prominent regional media executive who expressed his intense personal dislike of Thom Tillis continues to direct his minions in attacking the Republican Senatorial candidate every day in every way.

And PULEEZE don’t tell me you haven’t figured out the mission that Limo Liberal Jim Goodmon (WRAL / Capitol Broadcasting) is financing to destroy any opposition to the Obama Regime.

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