“Those Failing McClatchy Newspapers”

September07/ 2014

OK you self-righteous, self-absorbed pointy-headed jackasses, two can play this stoopid little game.

The “suits” at “the failing McClatchy newspaper in Charlotte” have decreed that they will no longer mention a certain Washington NFL team by its team name. That “R-word”. ….. That is “news” on a level of the latest “bucket challenge” is news. Yawn… snort…. burp.

“Failing McClatchy Newspaper makes BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”….. LINK.

I have no strong opinion about The Redskins Controversy. Keep it – Change it…. I really don’t care. I could argue either side of that debate. But I do have zip – zero – nada respect for the self-righteous, self-absorbed pointy-headed jackasses who operate failing McClatchy newspapers in both Charlotte and Raleigh.

I consider the names of “those failing newspapers” to be insulting, demeaning and disrespectful to the once-noble profession of Journalism. SO THERE!

I employ a Reverse Philip O’Hanlon Approach. Philip O’Hanlon was “Virginia’s father”. That’s Virginia of “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” fame. Philip told his doubting daughter back in 1897 that “if you read it in The (Baltimore) Sun, then it must be true.” ….. The editor of The Sun wrote the most memorable editorial ever written telling Virginia “Yes, there IS a Santa Claus.”

Believing ANYTHING one reads in a “failing McClatchy newspaper” is a joke.

A McClatchy editor today would not only deny Santa Claus, he/she/it would DENY….

“God” …. George Washington ….. The Holocaust …. D-Day …. Columbus …. Benghazi ….. Monica Lewinsky ….. 9/11 ….. Islamo-terrorism ….. any and all cases of black-on-white violence …. The Book of Genesis ….. the overwhelmingly positive effects of fracking ….. the “real” make-up of BullyBarber’s motley mini-mobs …. John Edwards’ affair with Rielle ….. those deleted IRS emails ….. Obama’s bogus birth certificate …. Patrick Cannon’s many malfeasances …… The Rose Law Firm files ….. Vince Foster’s death ….. the innocence of those Duke Lacrosse Players (aka “those rich white boys” )….. Chappaquidick …. OH…. and the financial disaster of Charlotte’s hosting of the Democratic Convention.

Now those nitwit McClatchy suits in Charlotte want a freakin’ medal for not mentioning “Redskins”.

It is frustrating as hell that any so-called Conservatives actually pay good money for subscriptions to either “failing McClatchy newspaper” in North Carolina. The most oft-heard excuses are “the obituaries” and “the coupons”. Hellfire….. I don’t believe either of those if printed in a McClatchy paper.

You could render down the entire staffs of both “failing McClatchy papers” and not have enough journalistic integrity to fill a thimble.

On a somewhat related note….. several weeks ago a political cub reporter for “that failing McClatchy paper in Raleigh” announced he was leaving that sinking ship for a likewise sinking ship in Denver….. because he says the failing paper in Raleigh reneged on a promise to promote him to Rob RielleWho’s gig as “real political reporter” rather than “cub reporter”. That being John “Johnny Reb” Frank.

Whining about “not having RobRielleWho’s job” is like whining over not “being the BullyBarber bodyguard in charge of bringing the doughnuts”.

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for old D.C.!

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