Arnie, not your Wake Forest any more… sigh

September05/ 2014

Is your pristine image of Wake Forest College that tree-lined campus in Northern Wake County where Arnold Palmer played golf in the 50s…. Peahead Walker coached football…. that relocated to Winston-Salem in 1956 with Bones McKinney et al. Oh, and all those trite stereotypes about strict Southern Baptist “thou shalt nots”?

That definitely is NOT the Wake Forest of 2014 by any stretch of a imagination. Unless its Stephen King’s imagination.  PresidentShot on 1/21/05 at 1/125 at f/6.3. / Commissar Nathan Hatch is rapidly turning that once proud institution into the ultimate devil’s den of very very left-wing radicalism. And it may already be too late to save it.

As you digest the following be thinking of anyone you know who attended Wake Forest…. or supported the Deacons…. and especially anyone who might be sending $$$ to support Hatch’s Hell. Absolutely send to any parents with children at Wake or considering Wake.

Forward this to each of them so there will be no excuse that they didn’t know.

Nathan Hatch “took over” as Wake Forest’s President in 2005 and immediately set about to remake the entire campus community in his radical left-wing image. Nine years later he has transformed quaint little WFU into, arguably, THE most radical liberal college campus in North Carolina. Yes that means even further far left than UNC-CH and/or Duke. No mean feat passing those two notorious liberal septic fields.

Nathan Hatch – a college president Saul Alinsky would love.

Meet Nathan Hatch – LINK

Hatch has replaced every senior department head except Athletics Director Ron Wellman. Incoming CEOs often have significant senior administrative turn-over. But Hatch has brought in a bunch of hard-core beady-eyed uber-left-wing anarchists. The type of wacked-out ideologues that only an Obama could love. The Queen Bee of Hatch’s socialist commandos is Melissa Harris-Perry.

Melissa Harris-Perry of tampon earrings fame. The screechingst harpy in the MSNBC spider’s nest. How scary left-wing is this nutjob? She makes UNC’s notorious Gene Nichol seem “Tea Party” by comparison. WHOA….. that is very very scary. Nathan Hatch made Scary-Perry a melissa_harris_perry_0Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Anti-American Screeching. MH-P has elevated pure unadulterated “Hate Whitey” to new levels.

LINK to Melissa Harris-Perry

And that’s just the beginning.

Wake Forest just announced a “turn-in your classmate for hate-speech” program. That’s “hate-speech” as defined by Commissar Hatch, Scary-Perry and the rest of the Wake Forest Politburo.

One can imagine that any Wake Forest student listening to Rush Limbaugh will be dealt with harshly. Will registered Repubs around the WFU campus be marked with the Sign Of The Beast…. or sent to re-education internment camps?

Easy to imagine dorm doors being kicked-in late at night and students impounded in kangaroo courts. Yes…. Germany and Poland in the 1930s.

Nathan Hatch and his Gang have taken over Wake Forest University. The only way they can be stopped is (1) every concerned alum cut off funding immediately. Not just the “fat cats” but every small donor…. (2) forward this column to a minimum of ten others.

As a private institution, Wake Forest is governed by a Board of Trustees, with zero involvement by any state agency.

Hatch is a shrewd manipulator and is stacking his board with like-minded indeologues. It may already be too late, if anyone cares. We’re not talking “left-leaning. We are talking hard-line washed-in-the-blood true believers in full-blown socialism.

Have I mentioned that Ayatollah Bill Barber is very popular with Hatch and Harris-Perry and the gang. Oh yes!

Do you need one last bit of proof that this ain’t the Wake Forest of myth and lore?

Recall all those Southern Baptist “thou shall nots”…… to try and stem the tide of many many empty seats for Demon Deacon Football….. they will be selling wine and beer to the public inside Groves Stadium starting this weekend. OMG!

Forget those “No Dancing” jokes. This complete un-do and re-do of Wake Forest is waaaay beyond that.

Now contact all your Deacon friends.

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