ANOTHER Kay Hagan “Friend with Benefits” – Slick Willie!

September01/ 2014

So Senator Hagan, are you and Bill “Better put some ice on that” Clinton lovey-dovey or what? Is your relationship with the notorious womanizer – “Slick Willie” – simply another of your “friends with benefits”? Wink, wink, snicker, snicker.

You want the “benefits” of a photo-op campaign “quickie”, then you plan on casting Boy Toy Bill aside and resume attacking Thom Tillis for disrespecting women. Kind of like how you “use” your relationship with Obama when it “benefits” you, then you run and hide from him too. We CAN “keep our own doctor” – Right, Senator Hagan?

Don’t worry Kay, no one is noticing. Ooops….. Yes they are. Shame…. Shame…. Shame on you Kay.

Is Senator Kay “Keep your own doctor” Hagan simply relying on her “low information voter base” to not remember Bill Clinton’s impeachment for lying about his Oval Office dalliance with Monica…. and all the rest of his dalliances.

A few years ago Kay was so scared of Clinton’s well-earned bad boy rep that she begged her media honchos not to run any pics of her and Bill. Bill’s rep hasn’t changed but apparently Kay figures her “base” has a short memory.

Kay knows her constituents better than I do. Maybe they ARE that dumb. Speaking of “dumb”. Kay, please DO NOT wear a blue dress in this photo-op with Clinton.

Kay is bringing in America’s First Black POTUS for a few photo ops this week. Wanna bet McClatchy’s Rob ReilleWho and his weasely ilk will be all aflutter to be near one of their legendary heartthrobs. For sure Jim Goodmon will send his Dumpster Diving Duo – LauraLib & Binky – over to swoon.

Speaking of photo ops….. has anyone ever seen one of Senator Hagan with His Emminence Reverend Bully Barber? Wonder why Senator Hagan isn’t embracing the Self-Annointed Czar of the North Carolina Democratic Party? Maybe Kay knows most of North Carolina sees Reverend Bully & his motley mob for the sideshow carny act that it is.

Speaking of another photo op….. anyone seen one of Kay with Reille’s boy toy – Johnny Edwards. Surely the former senator and (another) notorious womanizer in his own right would be welcomed on Kay’s whistlestop tour of “her state”. No ???

Bill Clinton & John Edwards would be such a nice pair of bookends to haul-out to promote your bogus claim that Republicans disrespect women.

Kay Hagan – Bill Clinton – Johnny Edwards – Bully Barber ….. now THAT grouping would be a front page above-the-fold photo FER SURE. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it. Not much “benefit” in that, huh, Kay?

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