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August25/ 2014

These days you can’t swing a dead cat on Facebook without hitting disgruntled Conservative / Repubs spewing their wrath towards a certain US Senate candidate initials TT… vowing to “show’em by golly” by voting for (fill in name of X, Y or Z write-in candidate).

I am compelled therefore to post AgentPierce’s Official “Lesser of Two Evils” commentary.

96% of all elections have always been “lesser of two evils”. Likely always will be. With, or without, Facebook rants. My ideal government is one in total gridlock. My absolute worst nightmare is an Obama Regime with even more dictatorial power to continue destroying America.

Before I get firebombed by angry Tillis-hating zealots…. I, AgentPierce, L-O-A-T-H Karl Rove and his quite evil cabal of Establishment Republicans. My utter contempt for that bunch of smug RINOs is beyond “utter”. There exists only one level of contempt MORE “utter”.

THAT one level more utterly contemptible is how I feel towards The Obama Regime and every beady-eyed foot soldier in his glorified street mob. A zombie horde stalking towards an orphanage would merit more respect from me than I can muster for any human being I classify as “Liberal”.

If Greg Brannon or Mark Harris (or John Rhodes or Harold Stassen or Soupy Sales or Flip The Wonder Chicken) had won the primary over Thom Tillis, my front yard would be festooned with their signs. Our family’s two cars’ bumpers would be covered in their stickers. None of them did “win the primary”. FWIW…. Mark Harris came closest to my personal POV.

So I will vote for the ONLY candidate who can defeat Obama disciple Kay Hagan in November. I will vote for Thom Tillis. Defeating Kay Hagan (aka Stopping Obama) is Job 1, Job 2, Job…..

Kay Hagan is a dim-witted Obama stooge. The only way Hagan wins is if significant non-Liberals do not vote for her opponent.

“Establishment Republicans” have quite a track record of running unelectable candidates. Can you spell Dole and McCain? I do not put Romney nor Tillis in that category.

I enthusiastically supported Mitt Romney in 2012. I still believe he and Paul Ryan would have been a terrific duo for America. For all of you who “could never vote for a Mormon”! Hows that looking to you these days? We have a freakin’ Kenyan Muslim ruining America? Holy Brigham Young, Batman! A one-legged Scientologist with a case of the clap would be better than Obama.

Hello! We live in a very imperfect world. Yet we (Conservatives) pine and whine for “the perfect candidate”. When they are all revealed to be quite imperfect we pout and rant. That makes zero sense on every level.

Take all your valid (and imagined) objections to a significantly imperfect Thom Tillis and magnify them to a power of 10….. and he is oh-so preferable to Obama disciple Kay Hagan. PERIOD. Yes, I know all about the Tillis – Rhodes blood feud.

Nothing I will say will deter those Tillis-hatin’ zealots from “showing us” in November. Suggest they reconsider their carved-in-stone opinion gets them all froggy and screaming “don’t tell us how to vote”….. and then they “tell US how to vote”.

I absolutely support “The Tea Party”. I wish every single “Tea Party candidate” had won in their primaries especially the guys in Mississippi and in Kentucky. I REALLY like that kick-butt gal out in Iowa. I challenge any ranting raging Tillis-hater to a duel of Who Despises Liberals More. On a list of ten “combustible issues” I probably agree with the Tillis-haters on nine. Not voting for the ONLY roadblock to a Hagan re-election is where we differ.

The teeth-clenched Tillis-haters claim to number in the “many thousands”. One Facebook screed declaring “a large chunk” of Conservs would never vote for Tillis because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Is “a chunk” more than “a bunch” or “a whole lot”? Bully Barber still says he had 80,000 of his braindead minions marching on Jones Street. That is “a chunk” of pure BS. “Political math” tends to be a tad exaggerated.

“Politician” and “pedophile” are both negative terms starting with “p” regardless of whom it is applied to. There are a few politicians” I like and trust, but it is a handful at best.

Thom Tillis is certainly no reincarnation of Jesse Helms or Ronald Reagan. But neither Jesse Helms nor Ronald Reagan is a choice in November. It is Tillis or Hagan PERIOD.

Oh…. allowing for Thom Tillis’ actual shortcomings, much of his “bad press” (which DOES affect public opinion) has come from a vicious Tillis-bashing campaign by major mainstream media…. especially WRAL and McClatchy newspapers. Tillis-haters bought into their smear tactics.

I would love to kick those spineless RINOs in the teeth….. but this general election is not the venue to do that. If a sizable “chunk” of Tillis-haters throw their votes down the toilet, Hagan might win. America will lose…. and all the clenched teeth Tillis-haters will storm Facebook to brag about “showin’em”. Yee Haaa.

Such are the times we live in…..

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