A Liberal Is A Conservative who hasn’t…..

July27/ 2014

You’ve all heard that old line: “A Liberal is just ‘a Conservative who hasn’t been mugged YET’.” …… If that is true then North Carolina’s most notorious liberal stronghold – picturesque, idyllic and extreme left-leaning Chapel Hill – is about to go “Tea Party”.

In the wake of last week’s tragic, in-broad-daylight, mugging/murder of a UNC professor, Chapelboro’s oh-so-compassionate, tree-huggin’, frackin’-hatin, Obama-lovin’, faux-intellectual nimrods, nabobs and pointyheads are in Official Knee-Jerking Tizzy mode.

A human being DYING at the violent hands of random strangers is REALLY SERIOUS. As REALLY SERIOUS as it gets. That’s what happened at 1:00 PM on Wednesday last just a few blocks off the pastoral perfection of The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill.

When said random strangers are habitual felons trolling for hapless victims it is especially troubling. That they are YBMs creates a very politically incorrect dilemma for the guilt-ridden Orange County asylum.

“College towns”, alas, have always been popular hunting grounds for human predators in the same way that seal mating grounds attract Great White Sharks…. and why Willie Sutton robbed banks. The abundant availability of easy prey.

Even in The Liberal LaLa Land of Chapel Hill, the life of an innocent Pharmacy Professor outranks snail darters, baby harp seals, polar bears, and even Hamas terrorists. It is Troubling. The community combo of Chapel Hill and Carrboro (“Chapelboro”) is official “troubled”.

Yes…. even more troubling than North Carolina’s “poet community” at Guv PatMc for having the unabashed gall to appoint a poet laureate who, unbeknownst to Guv PatMc, was not a member in good standing of said “state-wide poet community”. Yes…. that was the media-fueled firestorm “Tragedy” the week before the UNC Pharmacy professor encountered two YBMs “on the hunt” just a landscape stone’s throw from the campus of The Flagship.

This is not the same campus who had one of its Trustees arrested earlier that same week for “totin’ heat” – loaded heat – into the Capitol of these Not-So-United-Anymore States. That was another member institution of The UNC System. I digress.

Is last Wednesday’s senseless tragedy the first time Chapelborians and those of us in the real world have agreed on anything since the eerily similar Eve Carson Tragedy in March 2008? Is outrage over an innocent death the only unifying opinion for “them” and “us”? Apparently.

In the wake of the mugging/murder of the Pharmacy Professor by two career felons of the AfAm persuasion, His Imminence, the papal head of the NC Democratic Party and Emperor for Life of the NC NAACP – Reverend William “Bully” Barber issued the following statement….. LINK.

Those of you who follow the bombastic bloviations of Rev William “Bully” Barber may recall his comments following the afore-mentioned tragic death of Eve Carson in 2008 by, coincidentally, two other YBMs. To wit …… LINK.

Amazingly similar to Rev William “Bully” Barber’s comments following each of the twenty+ muggings by YBMs on Durham’s American Tobacco Trail ….

In attempting to have Reverend Barber elucidate further on these incidents, we learned he (accompanied by “at least 80,000” disciples) is on a prolonged nationwide self-promotion tour involving Bill Maher and a half-filled room of Netroots in Detroit. We are familiar with Maher but profess ignorance of “Netroots in Detroit”. Perhaps upon completion of his self-promotion tour, Reverend Barber will share his thoughts on these tragic incidents involving YBMs (“Young Black Males”) and their penchant for choosing Caucasian, and the occasional Chinese, victims.

Lacking HBO, I did not watch Bully Barber on Bill Maher’s show. If any of you did; did he bring along the two dry-humpin’ old hippies he used to invade Thom Tillis’ office? Just curious. Was Reverend Rubye with him? Was “Gabby”?

Were Chapel Hill’s landscape stone-wielding homicidal muggers driven to this act of senseless violence over the inability of the NC General Assembly to agree on a budget?…….. Did these two career felons mistake the Chinese Pharmacy Professor for “a Koch Brother” or, even worse, for Art Pope.?……… Were they driven to violence by the thought of having to have ID in order to vote?…….. Were they disgruntled Hobby Lobby employees with girl friends needing abortions?

As word of Wednesday’s tragedy spread throughout Chapelboro, the notoriously bat-sh*t crazy community’s first impulse was to organize a candlelight vigil opposing the sale of landscape stones.

The Carrboro chapter of Crazy Smelly Vegan Gay Hippies Against Landscape Stones (CSVGHALS) issued a press release somehow linking “violent crimes involving landscape stones” to both Chick-fil-A and, aforementioned, Hobby Lobby.

The NC Association of Landscape Stone Dealers have countered with a Landscape Stones Don’t Kill – Violent YBMs Do campaign. To which Rev Barber countered …..

Chapelborians In A Troubled Tizzy are a sight to behold. “They” are demanding that “something” be done and done RIGHT NOW. None of the Troubled Tizzied seem to know exactly what “something” might have prevented this recent tragedy.

A complete state-wide congressional redistricting eliminating all non-Democrat registrants was immediately suggested….. Eliminating Heterosexual Marriage between Men and Women was Suggestion #2….. Electing a black guy as POTUS was #3 until they were reminded that has already been done with no apparent relief to black urban street-violence, in fact, the impact has been a significant INCREASE in same. Oops!

Following the Eve Carson tragedy, the troubled community reacted by (1) installing a few extra 911 call boxes…. and (2) having everyone wear a lapel ribbon.

Expect another spike in local sales of votive candles and ribbon. The color of lapel ribbons for this most recent tragedy will be decided at a special call meeting of the Chapelboro city fathers, city mothers and city non-gender-specific parents.

The use of a special #hashtag was considered but rejected as “cruel & unusual”.

Once every Chapelboro citizen is properly “armed” with the correct color lapel ribbon….. the picturesque idyllic and quite insane Southern Part of Whatever will no doubt return to its previous abnormal behavior.

NO. I am in no way trivializing the senseless tragedy of the UNC’s Professor murder. What I am pointing out is how nitwit liberals react to real world tragedy….. pretty much the same way they react to the imaginary contrived “faux tragedies” they foist on the rest of society every day with the full support of their media enablers.

Here is a LINK to a national registry of Black-on-White Violence maintained by our friend Colin Flaherty in San Diego. We notified Colin about this one within minutes of its first report.

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