D’Souza’s Movie: AMERICA….. Oh Boy !!!!

July05/ 2014

I have seen the new Dinesh D’Souza Movie – America, Imagine The World Without Her. I saw it on the 4th of July. It was an early showing. I scanned the ¾ filled theater. I did NOT see Jim & Barbara Goodmon, Bully Barber, Rob RielleWho, Gene Nichol, Chris Fitzsimons or any of the other local beady-eyed left-wing weasels. I’m not holding my breath that “they” will see it. ……

One of many reasons I insist YOU should.

If you get your “news” from The N&O, The N&R, Jim Goodmon’s gang at WRAL, MSNBC, et al you may not even know about this movie. They certainly hope you won’t. They also hope you never ever know about the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, Freeing the five terrorists for the traitor, or any of the umpteen and counting scandals mounting around “their guy” Obama. NOT informing you is what they are all about…. and they are going to try even harder to NOT inform you from now thru November.

But you’re reading this now, so all their efforts are wasted. YIPPEEE! Ain’t the Internet wonderful!

Hopefully you are familiar with who Dinesh D’Souza is. If not, here’s the LINK to his website. Yes, the movie covers his recent arrest by Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. What greater cred for a Conservative than to be arrested by Eric Holder’s goons on orders from Lord Obama himself.

The movie is not what its title / tagline suggests….. “suppose there had never been an America”. Yes, the opening sequence has George Washington being killed in battle and the Colonial Army falling apart without its leader presumably to be defeated by the British, but that theme is quickly discarded.

From there D’Souza gives an unfettered microphone to 4-5 hard-core America-haters to spew why America has always been, and is, an awful place run by awful people (not to include Clinton and Obama apparently). From bashing Columbus right on up to those awful Marines and other armed forces who were such imperialists hoodlums in WWII, Viet Nam, et al. It’s 30-45 minutes of pure toxic venom sprayed at me and you and “folks like us”. Dinesh just lets them spew.

There’s a very crazy “Indian woman” who demands her tribe be given Mount Rushmore….. some Mexican “academic” who wants Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California “back”…… the obligatory AfAm screeds….. the Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers crowd. And a real sweetheart of a guy named Howard Zinn. I confess I had never heard of Zinn but I’m betting most of the UNC History Dept loves the guy.

You hear their angry howling and squawking. It was like a Democratic Convention pep rally. No appearances by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson-Lee or “Michelle” but the people you do meet are of that odious ilk. Again….. Dinesh lets them spew.

Just when you figure the movie is ready to crown Lord Obama as American Messiah For Life; D’Souza switches gears and starts going thru the points spewed by the afore-mentioned constipated ranters. Dinesh doesn’t spew, or rage, or screech….. just a calm application of “facts” to each of their screeds. He shreds’em.

I shall avoid “spoilers” but wait ‘til you meet Madame Carter and William Ellison. Trust me, you will look around you and everyone will be saying “how come I’ve never heard of them”. I GUARANTEE you will hear that. Whether BullyBarber or Julius Nyang’oro have heard of them is doubtful. If so, they hope you don’t.

Did you know that America once “conquered” all of Mexico? That there even IS a Mexico is because we magnanimously gave it back to them.

This is a documentary done in a style similar to The History Channel. There are portions where actors portray historical figures. But where there is film footage available the “real people” speak for themselves.

Leaving the theater you might think “I need to be sure so-and-so sees this” with so-and-so being some “liberal” in your social / occupational orbit. Maybe your brother’s femi-nazi shrew of a wife. Maybe your sister’s nitwit no-count 3rd husband. Maybe “that jackass neighbor” that hates you because you seem to enjoy life and he doesn’t. Maybe some goggle-eyed gobber who worships BullyBarber…..

In a perfect world it would be nice if “those people” did see it. They would be cheering wildly during that first part….. not so much later on. If “they” see it with you, don’t expect a calm logical discussion afterwards. It ain’t gonna happen. …… Screw them.

YOU go see the movie and tell every like-minded person you know to see it. Post it to all your Facebook friends. Repost it every few days until they do see it. When they do, you’ll know about it.

If you don’t like “the liberal media” now….. just wait ‘til you see America: Imagine The World Without Her.

Expect to hear about obscenity-laced protests to have it banned. Expect scathing reviews from your local media-weasels. Last week’s Hobby Lobby-haters will become this week’s D’Souza-haters. Next week they’ll be hating something else….. yawn. If this movie even makes it to a Chapel Hill or Asheville theater it won’t last more than one showing.

Dinesh D’Souza’s America: Imagine The World Without Her. Go see it TODAY. Here are what others are saying ….. LINK.

….. and then write to thank me for insisting you do it.

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