Union Slobs & “Poor Little Becky”

July03/ 2014

Just when you want to discount “stereotypes” they rear up to totally justify themselves. Last night’s Veto Dumplin’s Vetos session of the NC General Assembly had its interesting moments. (1) there was poor little color-blind Becky – aka The N&O’s “hapless heroine” and (2) Suzanne & Ardis – a pair of union stooge lobbyists being obnoxious slobs……

Whatever else might have gone on on the planet yesterday, nothing compared to “poor little Becky” punching the wrong button. At least to the Lib/Dem nabobs at The N&O.

“Poor little Becky” Carney – Democrat Representative from Charlotte – says she hits “the green button” by mistake. She meant to vote NO on “fracking”.

Alas, eeeevil ol’ Repubs cited the Rule about “a button pushed is a vote counted” and “poor little Becky” had to depend on her pals with GangMcClatchy to portray her as “a victim”. FOUR different articles on the N&O on-line edition described “poor little Becky’s” sorrowful reality of what she had done. According to The N&O, that one errant push will forever poison the drinking water on our state.

Factual reporting may be long gone at THe N&O but partisan hyperbole still runs rampant.

Yeeeee Haaaa…. nitwit liberals in full nitwittacy. “Poor little Becky” Loses ….. Eeeevil Frackers Win. Life’s a bitch ain’t it, Becky (and ain’t it N&O).

Yo Becky. At least you got to vote. Not like that Repub who had to go to the bathroom a few years ago and Jim Black called a quick vote on “The Lottery” while he was out of the room. The N&O neglected to mention that.


Meanwhile….. just outside the House chamber, a gaggle of no-count slimey liberal lobbyists were trashing state property while proving that union stooges are not only stooges but SLOBS too.

Yes, they were being loud, obnoxious and disrespectful to the decent folks trying to conduct business in the foyer of the NC House Chamber, but “loud, obnoxious and disrespectful” is who they are and what they do.

Alas, we can’t give you all their names but Suzanne Beasley and Ardis Watkins were easily recognized. Suzanne & Ardis are lobbyists / stooges for the State Employees Union … oops, we mean State Employees ASSOCIATION of NC. Real sweethearts those two!

So after an extended loud, obnoxious and disrespectful chowdown, Suzanne, Ardis and their co-horts simply got up and left their trash strewn all over the tables….. for someone else to clean up. And Yes…. waste receptacles were nearby.

Who behaves like that in a public place of business? Hard-line liberal democrats apparently.

McClatchy newshounds were on-site but neglected to mention this….. but luckily you have AgentPierce around who will mention it.

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