So Far SEVEN…. and counting

June21/ 2014

As of Thursday at 3:00 PM – SEVEN Democratic Congressmen/Governors have announced they will NOT attend the Occupy Charlotte Riot&RappFest scheduled for September. Six “heterosexual white men”. One is a heterosexual lady from New York. Their numbers are expected to grow over the next six weeks……

It cannot grow too much however as there is a very finite number of heterosexual white men LEFT in the Democratic Party. Twenty eight at last count but that includes two Egyptian “bi’s” and a half-Hispanic “trany”.

The current Magnificent Seven No-Shows are:

Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Critz,
West Virginia Gov. Early Ray Tomblin,
West Virginia Sen. Joe Machin
West Virginia Rep. Nick Rahall.
Utah Rep – Jim Matheson
New York Rep Kathy Hochul
New York Rep Bill Owens

Reasons include three “sorting my sock drawer”. One was “afraid I’ll catch something” and two related to “that idiot Joe Biden”. The other one muttered “just because” and ducked under his desk.

When told of their bailing out, Lord Obama promptly called his homies Van Jones and Malik Shabazz. Those seven credentials, hotel rooms and parking spaces are now reassigned to a bunch of guys named Abdul, Muhammed, Kareem and Fred. One to a guy named Big Enos – Address: Attica-D Block is conditional on his parole hearing in late July.

Michael Jordan’s woeful Bobcats are now more racially diverse than the Democratic Convention delegation. The Bobcats have three white guys on their roster. One of whom is Croatian.

We cannot confirm that Guinness World Record guys are hoping to classify Charlotte for that week as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Litter Box”. That title is currently held by The Black Hole of Calcutta and “whats left of Detroit”.

Convention cities normally create income opportunities for local residents renting out their homes for exorbitant rates. Charlotte however is proving to be a bonanza for the barbed wire fence folks. The Dilworth Neighborhood near the EvilBigBank Stadium is building a moat around the entire neighborhood with further plans to stock it with piranhas, salt-water crocodiles, and mines.

The Billy Graham Museum is planning to mark its main entrance with lamb’s blood to ward off the expected influx of very angry atheists.

FEMA officials are expecting the final civic damage totals to surpass Hurricane Hugo. That is for Charlotte proper. Estimates for Matthews, Monroe, Kannapolis and Gastonia will be counted separately.

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