Billy The Bully Increases His Threats To NC

June14/ 2014

Just as we predicted several weeks ago “Reverend Thug” is amping up his boorish and bullying “threats” to The State of North Carolina. Remember folks: This two-bit gangsta has no power EXCEPT what a sycophant media is giving him. …….

Howsabout A SHOUT-OUT to the various law enforcement officials that are having to baby-sit this foolishness. They are handling all this superbly!

Totally Predictable From Day One….. it IS going to get nastier and scarier as this corpulent clown waddles on. This is Barber’s “gig” ….. to terrorize the citizens of Raleigh and North Carolina for his own thuggish celebrity.

Barber….. “We will escalate”!

Billy The Bully has nothing better to do than romp & stomp in his Frankenstein-esque fashion employing all the cheap theatrics and hyperbolic bombast we have come to expect from this flatulent flim flamer. ….. who only exists because The News & Observer and WRAL give him a credibility he has never deserved.

A two-bit small town pulpit-pounder living his dream of being a celebrated race-baiter.

1,000 protestors ??? Folks, three times more people than that show up to see a Mudcats baseball game. Really….. What a JOKE!

Billy’s little mini-mob has maxed out with old Carrboro hippies and the Pullen Memorial choir…. UNLESS he imports out-of-state union agitators and other Obamic rent-a-mob types.

If indeed “Raleigh burns” or a single innocent citizen is injured by this jackass’ antics it will be a direct result of Orage Quarles and Jim Goodmon spurring on this pompous clown. Don’t forget that for a minute….. The News & Observer, Capitol Broadcasting and Reverend Bill Barber working together determined to hold the citizens of Raleigh hostages to their enormous egos.

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