Your Turn, Reverend Billy

June13/ 2014

You’ve all seen the transcript of Eeeeevil Art Pope’s recent sit-down on-the-record interview (LINK) with “some belligerent nimrod with a cheap haircut” from WUNC/NPR. Why would a very busy man like Mr Pope give the time o’day to such a two-bit hack?

Because Art Pope is not afraid of looking into the beady eyes of his avowed enemies. Because Art Pope doesn’t blink from “the Truth”. As a high profile figure in North Carolina, Art Pope is a stand-up kinda guy.

So….. now its Reverend Bill “Bully” Barber’s turn to show if there’s a semblance of a backbone beneath his papal vestments. Ready for YOUR sit-down on-the-record interview with a contentious media, Bully? What say you Bill?

After reading Mr Pope’s interview with WUNC/NPR’s Frank Stasio, I laughed. Stasio came to the interview loaded with every slanderous line ever spewed out by Chris Fitzsimons, Rob RielleWho, Laura Leslie, Binky, Ned Barnett, et al. He intended to get every single one into the record and maybe make up a few of his own. Alas…. Frankie Boy was waaaaay outta his league.

Art Pope has been in a LOT of these rigged rodeos. This was hardly his first one. Ever the gentleman, Mr Pope parried every cheapshot thrust by Frankie With The Cheap Haircut…. and made his point on-the-record.

In the past Art Pope has sat down for similar on-the-record interviews with other contentious media – N&O on various occasions. Doesn’t get much more contentious than those beady-eyed slugs, now does it?

So, when’s the last time you saw / read / heard about His Eminence Reverend William Barber making his self-righteous self available for such an on-the-record session? Clue: The next time will be THE FIRST TIME.

The Messiah Of The Mini-Mob only speaks to the disciples of his trusted media stooge team – N&O / Charl Obs and, of course, Sugar Daddy Jim Goodmon’s merry band of dumpster-divers.

Oh…. you do remember that Jim Goodmon’s Capitol Broadcasting Co is an Enthusiastic Supporter of anything Bully does don’t you? Oh…. and Chris Fitzsimons and his honchos are kept afloat by Jim & Mrs G. You didn’t know that? Now you do. Where was I ….. ?

So after reading Mr Pope’s interview with Frankie The NPR assassin, I contacted a confidante of Bully’s. I sent him Mr. Pope’s piece and suggested how swell it would be if Bully would sit down for a similar session with Carolina Journal and/or Civitas Institute (and a tape recorder, of course).

I know the guys at CJ and CI and could have’em roll out a recorder-armed reporter in a jiffy. Just need a time & place when Bully would be available.

The Bully confidante is a nice guy albeit quite enamored by the Bullicious One. I knew how this was going to go but I was in a devilish mood.

Bully’s confidante hemmed….. then he hawed….. then he bobbed….. then he weaved….. then he stammered…. then he stuttered. He finally suggested having Bully meet ME might suffice. Well heck yeah, I’d be up for that. I’m jealous of BobLee for his celebrity lunches. BUT…. I’m just an Internet Provocateur and I don’t have a tape recorder.

Time & Place?? Time & Place?? Alas, t’would ne’re be forthcoming. Could Rev Bully be completely booked up for the next millennium or so? DRAT I muttered. I knew I shoulda called yesterday.

I notified my CJ and CI guys to “stand down”. Reverend William Barber’s first EVER interview with media that he had not thoroughly intimidated or had in his voluminous pockets was not going to happen.

Hey, I tried. So now we know for a fact that beneath Bully Barber’s flowing robes there is neither “a pair” nor a backbone.

How do he stand up without a backbone? Maybe Oz’s Cowardly Lion could loan the Reverend Barber some “courage”.


Good Neighbor BELO is OK. You might have read where my old N&O sparring partner – BELO – had his rascally ol’ self mugged in his bedroom on Friday. WOW!! Indeterminate brigands broke in and roughed him up scaring more than a few bejebbers out of him. He’s fine and headed to da beach for much-needed R&R. Take care B.

He knew it wasn’t me…. and I assured him it wasn’t Art Pope, Governor McCrory or any known Tea Partier either. He says they were wearing “hoodies” and NOT klan robes which eliminates every Republican he knows. I meant to ask him if he uses CIT security. They’re the ones that cannot detect AfAm home invaders according to their TV ads.


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