The Bark Brigade in Action

May15/ 2014

I got the concept of a Bark Brigade (aka “Bark Patrol”) from the movie 101 Dalmatians. Whatever you call the process, IT WORKED to perfection over the past three days.

Yes, Rabid Vickie The Lunatic LA resigned (wink, wink) from the NC General Assembly on Tuesday. THAT is not the real story here. …… The Bark Brigade In Action is the story.

In 101 Dalmatians, Cruella DeVille had dognapped the pups with most evil of intentions. Time was of the essence…. but how to alert authorities to where the captured pups were, so they could be rescued? The Bark Patrol to the rescue!

One dog barked out the news. Another dog heard it and barked it out….. then another….. then another….. then another. In minutes the news of the imperiled pups’ location and plight spread across the English countryside. The pups were saved. Like an old timey “bucket brigade” carrying water to a fire from one bucket to another bucket to another bucket to throw on the fire. Instead of water you pass-along information.

The strength of the organization is in a series of like-minded individuals working in concert….. each one doing their part in a long chain of links one by one by one by one. To paraphrase my friends over at NC State – “The strength of the wolves is in the Pack!”

10-12 years ago I outlined my Bark Brigade concept for Conservative media to two dear friends both of whom passed away in the past year – Claudia Rogers and Charlie Gregory. Claudia and Charlie were two of the most passionate Conservatives I’ve ever known.

Charlie referred to himself as “just a precinct grunt”. He never had a fancy website like this one. But in a political campaign he would relentlessly “get the word out” about the candidates via every means at his disposal as would Claudia “Semper Fi”. They developed their own data bases of “like-minds”. Using this new-fangled communications thing – email – they would send out simple emails containing information that those of a more casual political interest would not otherwise ever receive.

If you were on their lists you got the info whether you chose to read it or not. You can lead a horse to water; but you can’t make him drink – You can give a voter the info; but you can’t make him Think. My personal Charlie’s Emails record was five in one day.

Charlie and Claudia’s lists had several hundred names/eaddresses. The intent was that each recipient had their own lists and would pass the news along their networks and so forth and so forth and the Dalmatian puppies would be saved.

That was over 10 years ago. Mark Zuckerberg was in diapers. No one had heard of MySpace much less Facebook, Twitter et al but the concept is still the same.

It’s 2014: The #1 Defense Against Liberal Mainstream Media is The Bark Brigade. It’s Carolina Plott Hound, LadyLiberty, The JLF guys, and Here of course et al telling you and YOU telling everyone you know and them telling everyone they know and We Save America.

This latest little dust-up was The Bark Brigade In Action.

I never read The N&O for the same reason I avoid bus station restrooms and drinking sour milk. I consider all three of those as “yucky”. I would never have seen her toxic comments had not Terry Stoops of the John Locke Foundation mentioned it Monday in a JLF blog.

My right-wing commando buddy – Lady Liberty – grabbed Terry’s info and posted it on her website for her followers. The Carolina Plott Hound guys grabbed LL’s info and posted it on CPH (and simultaneously alerted me) and you know the rest – I did what I do and KABOOM. Jones Street went en fuego.

That whole Bark Brigade took place over a 2-3 hour period.

Had we been dependent upon “traditional media” you would never have heard a word about any of this.

The N&O was a co-conspirator with Rabid Vickie from the get-go allowing her vile, bigoted toxic rhetoric to be posted uncensored on their website which they boast are “monitored for content suitability”. Vickie’s spews went beyond even Good Neighbor BELO’s comical rants about “All Republicans are in Da Klan”. Is that old rascal still doing that?

As we remind you so often….. Limo Liberal Zealot Jim Goodmon, owner of Capital Broadcasting / WRAL-TV5, has specifically ordered his dumpster-diving news thugs to only report “news” that supports his personal far-left ideology. The only way Goodmon’s news-thugs would have ever told you about Rabid Vickie would be if Jim was giving her an award for hating Republicans almost as much as he does.

The Rabid Vickie Saga is just a skirmish in a much bigger War. Her resignation from the NCGA is irrelevant. If Rabid Vickie “works cheap” The N&O might hire her on their editorial staff. Vickie’s worldview would fit in well with Ned Barnett and Ol’ Jimmy Jenkins.

I see this as a scary reminder of the degree “people like Vickie” have been brainwashed by BullyBarber and his malevolent ilk. Most of you don’t encounter that level of toxic hatred in your daily life….. thankfully.

Forget Rabid Vickie. But Don’t Forget The Bark Brigade and how important YOU are to making it successful. Spread the word about Carolina Plott Hound and this site and Lady Liberty’s and the John Locke folks and Daily HayMaker and others too numerous to mention via your Facebook friends and /or other email groups. Check those links over yonder on the right rail.

If you do, it works. If it works, We Win.

Hey, and lets do it for Charlie and Claudia too.

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