Do You Know a “Rabid Vickie” ?

May13/ 2014

It registered about a 7.5 on the OMG scale yesterday. North Carolinians from Murphy To Manteo met “Rabid Vicki – The Lunatic LA” thanks to my buddy Lady Liberty and JLF’s Terry Stoops,. The exclamation “YIKES” seems inadequate to describe the general public reaction.

“Who Vickie Spears is” combined with “what Vickie Spears said” created a perfect storm that is awakening so many that “there really are people like that ‘out there’”. Yes…. indeed there ARE “people like Vickie Spears” out there.

Legislative Assistants (“LA”) are exactly what the term implies. They are personal secretaries / executive assistants to members of the NC General Assembly. Each State Senator and Representative is supplied one as his “office staff”. LAs are state employees with the same benefits as any state employee. Their salaries are in the $25-30,000 range. Less than teachers.

UPDATE Wed 12:30 PM: Rabid Vickie The Lunatic LA “resigned” Tuesday afternoon and has left the NC General Assembly.

They perform general secretarial duties as well as schedule coordination and as “gatekeeper” for their assigned legislator. They take the constituent calls and greet the lobbyists and the walk-ins to see their legislator. As with any executive / secretary, the degrees of trust and authority vary in each relationship.

Some legislators bring an LA with them…. a friend or relative from their district. Others leave it to the General Assembly HR Dept to assign one. We don’t know the case with “Rabid Vickie” and Sen Michael Walters (D) from Senate District #13 (Columbus and Robeson counties).

We have no info on how long “Rabid Vicki” has been an LA or whether her pure unadulterated toxic hatred for all Republicans is shared by her boss Senator Michael Walters. Whether Senator Walters shares “Rabid Vicki’s” bigoted views are up to Senator Walters to explain. He hasn’t yet. Public curiosity is understandable especially among non-Democrats in Robeson and Columbus Counties.

Imagine you are a Republican in Lumberton. You call Michael Walters’ office for help with a state government bureaucracy issue and you get “Rabid Vickie” on the line ????

Last Friday The N&O ran an article profiling NC Senate Leader Phil Berger (R). It was a “fair” piece by N&O’s normal low standards when discussing Republicans. Certainly not as over-the-top gushy and laudatory as the piece they also ran glorifying their favorite race-baiting “mob-ster” William “Bully” Barber.

“Rabid Vickie”, for reasons only lurking in the hazardous waste dump of her toxic mind, spewed out a series of “reader comments” to the Berger column. N&O comment rules require “real names”. “Rabid Vickie” Spears went further by identifying herself as “works at General Assembly” and THAT ignited the firestorm that now surrounds her….. and Senator Michael Walters (D).

Incidentally, Michael Walters is NOT seeking re-election in November so he may simply crawl under his desk and hope this all goes away. It will be “fun” to watch what Michael does / doesn’t do.

Had “Rabid Vicki” omitted that GA info she would have simply been another over-the-top screaming nutjob among the several dozen that hover daily over the N&O reader comment boards. Incidentally, The N&O has “rules” governing the general toxicity of reader comments. That “Rabid Vickie’s” spewings met N&O quality standards begs the questions “what would they censor”. Other than a direct threat to Senator Berger, it is hard to imagine a more incendiary assault than what “Rabid Vickie” launched…. and The N&O permitted to appear for public viewing on their website.

You can read the complete Vickie Spears rant-a-thon collection here – LINK.

BREAKING NEWS: We have learned Tuesday afternoon that “Rabid Vickie” Spears has a well-earned “rep” as an out-of-control jackass at the GA. She has instigated several altercations with other legislative staffers in recent years. Soooo, why is Rabid Vickie still employed at the NCGA?? Senator Walters and the Senate LA Coordinator – Janet Black – would have to answer that one.

As a veteran of partisan political combat, I have engaged Vickie-types before. I have stared into their cold dark beady-eyes. I have seen the spittle spew from their gaping maws as their obscenities get entangled with their toxic epithets. It all pours out in an odious blob of pure unadulterated hate for, arguably, 60% of North Carolinians….. many of whom will read this.

Are “all Democrats” like this one? No, of course not.
Are “all liberals” like this one? Not “all”; but more than a few sadly.

Once you’ve heard two or three of these diatribes you realize they all spew the same toxic talking points….. “Koch Brothers” of course….. “Eeeeevil Art Pope” of course….. self-praise of their own supreme intelligence of course….. and pretty much whatever William “Bully” Barber has taught them to “think”. Whatever snakes and spiders and worms dwell inside “Rabid Vickie’s” cranium, you really do not want to go there without a HazMat suit.

“Rabid Vickie” has all the standard rabid lib spewing points memorized. She is an honors graduate of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Barber School of Abject Bone-deep Hatred of “Us”. You and me and those like “us”.

I don’t know “Rabid Vickie’s” story. Were her parents ideologically infected and raised her in their image? Did she fall prey to the beasties that dwell around college towns? Is she simply one of Life’s losers looking to blame someone / anyone for her plight? Does she think Socialism WILL work this time with Lord Obama at the helm?

Maybe “Rabid Vickie” is one of what I call “I want to be smart” liberal lemming. She read somewhere that “liberals are smarter than everyone else”, so one day she declared herself “a liberal” and felt her IQ immediately jump 50 points. You would be surprised how many loonies are attracted to liberalism under that foolishness.

“Rabid Vickie The LA” looks to be in her 50s or so. So she’s not “a young skull full of mush” that is fair game for glib-tongued campus anarchists and fiery street preachers. It is likely her hatred has festered for more than a few years.

I won’t presume why “Rabid Vickie The LA” is so full of pure unadulterated toxic hate. I will simply tell you “there ARE others just like her out there”. Next time you are at a Mall or other public gathering place ….. a sports event, concert or such….. glance around you. See if you can spot “the Rabid Vickies”. I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years.

The folks with pleasant smiles and a lilt in their step you can eliminate. There is nothing “pleasant” and “lilting” about the “Rabid Vickies”.

Or….. you could come down to Halifax Mall when BullyBarber is running his next Hoot & Hate and see a 100 or so “Rabid Vickies” (or 100,000 of’em according to Bully’s logistical expert supplied by Jim Goodmon).

What they spew is “verbal napalm”. Please wear a HazMat suit.

PS: For those among you who engage in political debate on-line and in social media….. Don’t Be A “Rabid Vickie”. Think before you spew. If your opponent gets you so unhinged that you’re about to spew….. walk away from your keyboard. Don’t Be A “Rabid Vickie”.

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