Blondie: Barkley… I’m not apologizing to “fat people”

May11/ 2014

Give’em Hell Sir Charles. Last week Charles Barkley went on a mini-rant about “all the fat women in San Antonio”. WELL, that went over in San Antonio about as well as if he had declared Santa Anna’s birthday a holiday.

Today Charles went on another mini-rant to declare “I won’t apologize….” In America 2014, is Charles Barkley THE ONLY person who can get away with such?

He won’t apologize to the fat people!!

I think he is my new hero…..


Charles Barkley refuses to apologize to the women of San Antonio
Charles Barkley refuses to apologize to the women of San Antonio

(USAToday) After saying last week that “big ol’ women” in San Antonio, a place where “Victoria is definitely a secret,” was a “gold mine for weight-watchers,” Charles Barkley figured to be making the requisite tail-through-the-legs apology after the uproar commenced. Anybody else would have had to. But not Sir Charles, one of the handful of people in America who can say whatever he wants and get away with it.

During Sunday night’s telecast, Barkley was defiant in his lack apology:
“If you don’t like me or the show, turn it off. And they want me to apologize. That’s not going to happen. That’s not gonna happen. You all can write letters to your momma, your daddy, your uncle. I’m going to have fun on television. You know that I’m joking around. But if y’all waiting on me to apologize, hell gonna freeze over.”

The guffaws from the rest of the crew didn’t help the optics — it felt like piling on. (The “Barkley is a loose cannon” schtick works much better when Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson are playing the straight men.)

But even though we don’t condone the words, Barkley’s refusal to apologize should be commended. He was never going to believe any apology he made anyway, so why bother? Sincere defiance is far better than disingenuous apology.

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