The Great American Witch Hunt has begun!

May01/ 2014

You don’t like anything about Donald Sterling, do you? Every picture we’ve seen of him….. every word we’ve read about him this week… YUCK! PTUI! The Donald Sterling Total Package is as repulsive as it can be. The Harry Reid Total Package may be its only comparable. Today’s commentary is no defense of the indefensible despicable Donald Sterling.

Today’s commentary is about the new Sport that debuted this week and is poised to sweep across America. You may recall it from Salem, Mass back in 1692. A more recent version rampaged across Germany and Eastern Europe in the late 1930s. Every person in America is going to be an active “player” whether you wish to be or not.

The Great American Witch Hunt has officially begun. Coming soon to your front door?

A lot of folks, maybe including you, don’t care about “politics” because (1) “all politicians are crooked”….. (2) Your vote doesn’t matter….. (3) Whoever wins, “things” just get worse….. or (4) You are too busy arguing with nutjobs on sports message boards….. or (5) ________________ . BUT unlike sports; what happens in “politics” / government DOES affect you, whether you choose to participate in the process or not.

What happened this week with the totally despicable Donald Sterling should scare every last bejebber out of you. Even if you don’t know “a Clipper” from Flipper. Or you think Elgin Baylor is a college in Texas. Or you think Donald Sterling is the Mayor of Benghazi. Benghazi ???…..

The low information blood-thirsty mob rejoicing over the destruction of despicable Donald Sterling don’t give a damn about Ben-freakin-ghazi.

This week America successfully conducted the most ruthlessly efficient Witch Hunt in its 250 years as a representative republic. Are you thinking its OK because you don’t like the particular witch that got run to ground by the rabid media hounds…. this time?

A private one-on-one conversation that a man had with a close (!) acquaintance resulted in his becoming the most loathed and despised individual in the country….. and the people who tarred, feathered and threw him under the bus are being hailed as heroes. What happened to despicable Donald Sterling over 72 hours was a Kangaroo Court by a Lynch Mob on media-fueled steroids.

Both Sterling and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Sterling / Silver !!!) are of Jewish heritage. Wonder if either had relatives in Germany or Poland in the late 1930s? Wonder if either’s relatives were seized by Hitler’s SS and sent to internment camps?

But but but…. Sterling and everyone connected to this yucky mess are just Californi-trash. He still has his billions and still has the morals of an demented alley cat….. and V dot will be giving skank lessons to The Kardashians. Isn’t this “good riddance to rubbish”?

“They” want you to believe that. The next time America drags a private citizen into Main Street over a personal opinion he/she has that conflicts with “their” ideology, “they” will tell you that was OK too. He or she “deserved it” for their unacceptable personal point-of-view. “Unacceptable” – the battle cry of Censorship!

These self-appointed Censors are now empowered by the mainstream media with a very very dangerous precedent set by the public pillorying of the despicable Donald Sterling.

Donald Sterling did NOT issue a notice to his employees expressing his obtuse opinions on “black people”. He did NOT do a sit-down interview with GQ or MTV or InsideEdition or SI. He was NOT ambushed by a sideline floozie with a live mic. He was NOT overheard screaming at someone in a public restaurant, etc etc. That rant you read countless times over the past week was a one-on-one conversation with his bimbo girlfriend. It still is not clear how Deadspin obtained it….. and coincidentally released it at THE most opportune moment for it to have maximum public impact.

The only difference between Sterling’s opinion of “black people” and Bully Barber / Al Sharpton’s opinion of Republicans is Bully & Al (1) claim God tells them to spew their hatred. And (2) they are allowed to SCREAM it. Hate is hate is hate. Or at least it was until this week.

Did you read about the CEO of Mozilla who was fired several weeks ago because he contributed to an organization that opposes gay marriage. Have you followed the Hobby Lobby Case? Chick-fil-A? Did you know that Rich DeVoss, owner of the Orlando Magic, has expressed his personal opinions relative to gay marriage? Will DeVoss be next? …… or will you or I be next?

“No way” you say because you are not racist”. Says who? There are people in power today that say if you are not a lock-step supporter of Barack Obama then, yes, You Are Too A Racist. Attorney General Eric Holder says so. If “they” say so then what you think is irrelevant.

“They” can order the IRS to destroy you financially. “They” can have their media lapdogs destroy your reputation. “They” can force your employer to fire you. “They” are not far from having law enforcement arrest you on their whim. …… but (you say) it won’t happen to you because you’re not a slimey scumbag like Donald Sterling.

Good luck with that.

Pay attention to front page stories in the next several months. Look for the next Donald Sterling, likely not as mega-sleazy but with personal opinions not consistent with the current administration and its blood-lusting mob constituency….. with personal opinions not all that different from yours and mine.

There is “blood in the water” now. The low information mob likes the taste of it and wants more….. demands more.

In George Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead the zombies marched across the field towards the lone farmhouse. They didn’t stop at one farmhouse. These blood-lusting zombies won’t either. Their next victim won’t be Californi-trash.

Think about that the next time you forward on an Obama cartoon someone sends you. Think about that the next time you tell an acquaintance what you think about an Obama policy….. the next time you Like a Facebook page that is Conservative.

The Great American Witch Hunt got off to a very successful start this week…… coming soon to your city, neighborhood, cul-de-sac.

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