Does Anti-Obama = Pro-Sterling ??

April28/ 2014

If you are one of the sixteen people in America who has not heard about “what Donald Sterling said”, STOP READING THIS and go to any website on Earth and read about “it”, then come back here. BobLee probably has the most entertaining commentary on this mess, so a visit to BLSays will help too.

Four days ago 96% of you had no clue who Donald Sterling was. Your awareness of Los Angeles’ most disgusting old billionaire troglodytes not being all that keen.

Now we will hear that, as Conservatives who don’t like Obama or his plan for America, We Are Just Like Donald Sterling! I don’t like Obama OR Donald Sterling. You have that option too.

If you have 400+ channels via your cable / satellite link, at least 362 of them are running “What Donald Sterling Did” specials today. There are Donald Sterling Marathons on several channels.

The Food Network has Rachael Ray showing you how to carve Donald Sterling’s snarling face into an eggplant. HGTV is doing Love Him or Loath Him with Realtor Dave and Designer Hillary showing how to spruce up one of Slumlord Donald’s apartment complexes. TeleMundo is having a half-black / half-Mexican Reality Show called “Me & V.”

All twelve ESPN channels have their talking heads dressed like the torturer in Braveheart as they chop up inflatable Donald Sterlings. MSNBC is sending its five on-air employees out to visit all 3,200 of its regular viewers with Donald Sterling bobblehead dolls. Yes, it’s All About Donald 24/7 and it will be for about another 36 hours.

Donald Sterling has received 10X the national media coverage in the past three days than “The Knockout Game” has received in the past year. 50% of you don’t even know what The Knockout Game is. LINK.

Donald Sterling is a disgustingly rich and stoopid old billionaire. He has been one for quite some time. Donald has a lot of “issues”. So do Harry Reid and Bill Clinton. So does Barack Obama. “Issues” come in all colors and types.

Donald Sterling has not supported any Repub candidates or donated any of his billions to Repub causes. Donald Sterling is not “a Conservative”….. not “a Republican”….. not “a member of The Tea Party” ….. and not “a friend or fan of Rush Limbaugh”. IF he watches FoxNews its probably to leer at the attractive women.

One man’s personal conversation, ever how incendiary, with a close acquaintance are taped and create a national firestorm ?? How many high profile public figures could withstand that?

Because Obama’s Gang is slicing & dicing & pounding the crap out of Donald Sterling, do you need to defend him (Sterling) or try to justify or rationalize what he said? Absolutely not.

You did not vote for Donald Sterling. Hell, 92%+ of you never heard of him four days ago. You owe Donald Sterling NOTHING. Let the media hyenas tear him apart. “They” deserve each other.

Will Obama’s Gang use “what Sterling did” to attack you and me and all Conservatives? Absolutely, because “playing the race card” is all they have…. all they’ve EVER had.

You can count on every Democrat seeking re-election to reference “people like Donald Sterling” for why they (Lib/Dems) need to be re-elected. They will play to the Fear Factor of their “mushroom constituency”. Guess what …… they planned to do THAT before Donald Sterling said a word on that tape.

They are One-Card Montes. That one card has always been The Race Card.

America will always have “racists” and America will always have fear-mongering race-baiters. Regardless of who gets elected…. “race” and “the race card” are permanent elements of American society.

Jim Goodmon thinks all of “us” are like Donald Sterling. Jim Goodmon is Raleigh’s disgustingly rich and quite obsessed old Limo Liberal troglodyte. Tell me again why you watch WRAL.

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