Is THIS The Face / Voice Of UNC ???

April12/ 2014

Regular viewers of this website might recognize THIS face. It is “Mean” Gene Nichol – bombastic blowhard extraordinaire – regular contributor to McClatchy’s N&O – fired president of William & Mary – former partner of John Edwards in the Poverty Center Scam – virulent opponent of all things Conservative / Republican – AND Distinguished Professor of Law at the UNC School of Law.

Is Gene Nichol also The Face / Voice of UNC…… both the UNC-CH campus & possibly the entire 16 campus system ?? If so; so what? Recent action by Gene’s bosses at UNC…. and the oh-so-predictable knee-jerk reaction by Gene’s hard-line liberal activists comrades at The N&O have ignited this latest Bill ‘O Rights debate.

Terminally self-righteous liberal snoots debating a fundamental Right! Oh Goody! I think I’ll jump in……

First off, his last name is NICHOL, not Nichols. Just one Nichol. That’s for those of you still struggling with “Doherty” and “Guthridge”. If you get nothing else from this incredibly insightful commentary; it is Just One Nichol. I set the bar low for the impact of my words on mankind.

Gene Nichol writes his regular N&O commentaries / screeds routinely employing phrases that would be classified as “combustible”….. “incendiary”….. “mean-spirited”….. and possibly “slanderous”. I know that because so do I on this website. Takes one to know one. I do know Ol’ Geno.

But I am not paid by the tax-payers of NC. Gene, as a professor at the UNC Law School, is. Personally attacking (by name) duly-elected officials of his employer is how Gene’s incendiary bombast and my incendiary bombast radically differ and is the crux of the current brouhaha.

I wrote a headline recently Tom Ross Is A Nincompoop. I was curious if the word Nincompoop would attract more than my usual legion of loyalists. That column did attract extra viewers. Including a special request that I not refer to Tom as a Nincompoop any more. YIKES!! This one is Is Gene Nichol The Face / Voice of UNC? If so, so What?

I am NOT going to link to The N&O’s “OMG! They’re Persecuting Our Boy Gene” article because I refuse to send them view clicks. When The N&O starts linking to this website I shall reciprocate, not before. I’m sure “it” will soon be available via other sources. Check PlottHound for those secondary sources.

Gene’s bosses have simply asked him to alert them when he is going to insult the officials who allocate the tax dollars that run the UNC System. They have not asked / requested / or even suggested Gene NOT publicly insult those officials….. but simply give’em a heads up “Look Out” so they (UNC officials) can brace for the after shock.

I am going to repeat that….. Gene’s bosses have simply asked him to alert them when he is going to publicly insult the officials who allocate the tax dollars that run the UNC System. They have NOT asked / requested / or even suggested Gene NOT publicly insult those officials….. but simply that Gene give’em a heads up “Look Out” so they (UNC officials) can brace for the after shock.

But, alas, even that simple “Gene, if you could please…” sent the usual suspects into their usual conniption fit, bouncing off walls with lots of teeth gnashing. ALWAYS fun to watch no matter how many times we’ve all seen’em do it.

Gene’s hard-line liberal activists comrades at UNC, particularly at UNC Law….. and the knee-jerk ink-stained wretches still employed at McClatchy’s N&O want you, the great unwashed and the Democ Low Information Voter contingent, to think Gene is being CENSORED !!!! OH NO !!!….. break out the votive candles, lets have us a vigil to protect Luvable Ol’ Gene’s Constitutional Right To Publicly Insult anyone he chooses

…… so long as its not Barack or Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Kay Hagan, Hillary Clinton, or….. or….. or ObamaCare. If Gene went that route, Ye OIde’ Well would explode. Relax, Gene would never insult “them”. Gene is a quite partisan public insulter.

The three letters UNC conjure up different images to different people. To many it means the college campus just south of Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. The same one where Roy Williams works; and where Butch Davis, Julius Nyang’oro and Dickie Baddour used to be employed. To others it means a 16-campus system including campuses in Pembroke, Elizabeth City, Greenville, Boone, West Raleigh, Cullowhee, etc.

To folks in Colorado it means a college (Univ Northern Colorado) in Greeley, Colorado. Other than Gene Nichol used to work in Boulder, CO that is irrelevant.

Does anyone in Elizabeth City or in West Raleigh, etc get froggy when UNC Law Professor Gene Nichol publicly insults duly-elected officials who control their operating budgets?

Does the UNC Board of Governors, who oversee the UNC System, get froggy when Gene publicly insults those people?

Most importantly….. Do those duly-elected officials themselves take it personally when UNC Law Professor Gene Nichol publicly insults them by name? Would YOU if Gene Nichol publicly insulted you?

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is saying or suggesting that UNC Law Professor Gene Nichol (remember ONE Nichol) does not have The Right to express his opinion about public officials. Everyone agrees that Gene does “have that right”. Me too.

The only public officials that ARE above public criticism of any sort are those who are black, half-black, gay or those who support those who are black or half-black or gay. That is a Hate Crime, but Gene is not doing that, so it’s OK.

Gene’s co-insulters of current NC elected officials – The N&O – are now adding a post script to Gene’s regular insult screeds stating that Gene is not screeding his insults on behalf of UNC. Implying both the Chapel Hill campus and/or The System might / might not agree with Gene.

Whether Charming Little Carol Folt (from Dartmouth), Roy Williams, Randy Woodson, Debbie Yow or Jeff Lebo also hate those officials as much as Gene and The N&O hate them is not to be implied by Gene’s vitriolic screeds.

Hopefully that will put those publicly insulted elected officials at ease and cause them to be generous in allocating tax dollars….. $200,000 of which, coincidentally, will end up in Gene Nichol’s hippocket. Yes, Gene Nichol is indeed biting the hand that feeds him. Gene could not do that in Cuba or Iran, could he?

Blah blah yadda yadda. The N&O’s “OMG They’re Censoring Our Pal Gene” blatantly misleading article will gin up some support for poor poor persercuted Gene…. exactly as intended. Their LIV (Low Information) contingent will whoop and wail…. exactly as intended. Their usual mob will react like their mob always reacts.

And Mean Gene will likely ramp up his vitriolic screeds using this latest “affront” as ammo…. also as intended.

And I will continue to publicly insult certain people too. But I’m not being paid $200,000 by the very same people I am publicly insulting.

Maybe that makes a difference. Maybe it doesn’t. What do YOU think?

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