Multitudes Throng To Raleigh Right-Wing Rally !!!

March30/ 2014

BAZILLIONS of God-luvin’ Conservative pilgrims FLOCKED to Raleigh this past weekend. Their numbers so numerous they blotted out the sun and backed-up traffic all the way to Mebane. ….. OK, not quite THAT many but they didn’t have Jim Goodmon’s “logistics expert” Peter Anlyan counting. There WERE a bunch of’em. ….. But “80-100,000” is hyberbolic BS used to fool Rev BullyBillyBarber’s Low Information Hoot ‘n Haters.

The Civitas Institute held its annual Conservative Leadership Conference this weekend. The Raleigh Crabtree Marriott was overflowing with polite, smiling mainstream Americans. None were “armed”…. and none were demanding abortions.

Obvious differences between Civitas’ conference and a BullyBilly Hoot &Hate are: (1) gender preferences were generally limited to two for this one…. and (2) what few signs were displayed were spelled correctly and devoid of obscenities. There were no trashed-out mini-vans with Asheville plates. OK … there were A LOT of differences.

Civitas Institute’s Francis DeLuca was not dressed in tin-horn papal vestments and did not resemble “a Mardi Gras Float with feet” . He did not pound a pulpit or require a phalanx of RayBan wearing Ray Lewis-types. ….. There were A LOT of differences ‘tween this one and Barber’s “sideshow carnival and chittlin’ strut” last month.

The Civitas Institute is a Conservative-advocacy organization of long-standing based in Raleigh. It receives funding from individuals and organizations who share and support its ideological principles…. many of whom are trashed routinely by local, regional and national media which are overtly partial to more socialist and radical left-wing causes. Can you spell McClatchy newspapers boys and girls?

In a very rare time & space continuum coincidence; Gene Nichol, Jim Goodmon and yours truly share the designation of not being present at the conference. I had an unavoidable family conflict. Gene and Jim were both afraid of being recognized and subsequently laughed out of the building.

No harm would have befallen the two well-known beady-eyed haters of all things Conservative as these were polite, well-mannered Conservatives…. not liberals who tend to come with Warning Labels as pertains to their standard behavior in large groups.

I did have several acquaintances who texted me from the conference both Fri and Sat. One very excitedly when he spotted Rob RielleWho Christensen and several of his pointy-teethed comrades from The N&O.

Rob RielleWho – award-winning, ink-stained newshound and snarky disparager of all Conservative – is a guest speaker of Civitas’ each year at one of their monthly meetings. I met Rob RielleWho at one of those sessions two years ago. It had climatic repercussions…. the temperature of the room dropped 20 degrees when he realized who I was. My gracious attempts at cordiality were rebuffed. I was going to ask Rob if he had seen Rielle Hunter lately but figured “how would he know?”

Rob recounted this weekend’s experience in his Sunday column. A column that did not mention “the Koch Brothers” until the 8th paragraph…. about the half-way mark. That is about five paragraphs deeper than Rob’s usual hatchet jobs on all things Repub or Conservative. ….

John Pope’s son Art’s name was completely missing from Rob’s little opus. THAT is as rare as Rob’s N&O pal – Barry “The Colonel” Saunders not mentioning Fred Sanford in a column. I mean REALLY!

To Rob RielleWho’s “credit” he did not trash Tillis or McCrory in this one. That means he is storing up ammunition for an upcoming Shock & Awe. Otherwise he becomes quickly expendable like 90% of the N&O newsroom from five years ago.

If Rob was canned by McClatchy, whats he gonna do? Be administrative assistant to Gerrick Brenner? Maybe Cash Micheals would hire him to cover Chavis Heights society doins for The Carolinian….. or Goodmon might hire Rob to make coffee runs for “LesBink” – Jim’s dynamic dumpster-divers Leslie and Binker. ….. OR The Independent hires Rob to review The Vagina Monologues ? But how often can he do that?

THE primo quote in Robbie’s column came from “Lt Dan” …… Lieutenant Gov Dan Forest (R).

“It is time for conservatives to be unapologetic about what we believe in,” Forest said, adding, “it’s time to say no to political correctness in America. …….. Why do we care what the media thinks, or what they say or what they write about us?” he asked. “Why do we subscribe to papers that further their agenda? Stop believing what they write or say.”

Why indeed? Give’em Hell “Lt Dan (R)”! But don’t forget about Jim Goodmon’s WRAL.

The weekend’s list of speakers was “boffo” as one expects from Francis DeLuca and his mighty fine folks over at Civitas. Including none other than Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter in Raleigh….. no wonder Jim Goodmon was nowhere to be seen.

Civitas is an organization you should definitely follow if you are a “crazy right-wing guy” like me….. or just “a Conservative”. Here’s a LINK to their website – LINK.

…… and an organization that scares the bejebbers out of you if you are a pointy-teethed, goggle-eyed, spittle-spewing left-wing nutjob… like Gene, Jim…. or Robbie.

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