Houston, You’ve Got A….. Babbling Idiot!

March13/ 2014

Does Houston consider Sheila Jackson Lee (D) “a problem”. The Houstonians of “the inner city” don’t. They keep electing Sheila to the U.S. Congress, and I for one am very grateful. I observe and comment on human foolishness.

Without Sheila, I would be stuck with Joe Biden and assorted other glaring examples of the raw “intelligence” of the leadership of the Democratic Party. If Sheila, Joe, Nancy, et al are “the best they got” just imagine the MENSA midgets they defeated within their party.

Sheila Jackson Lee (D) is at “it” again. Today ends in a “y” so Sheila musta said something really stoopid. She did.

When one has entire websites devoted to “Really Stoopid Stuff Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Said” one knows one is “special”. There are at least four such websites that I found before I stopped googling.

No, I did not search for “Joe Biden (D) Actually Said…..” websites, but you can. This is about Sheila.

Bev “Dumplin” Perdue (D) deserves one too. Thank God that li’l dim bulb is no longer NC Governor but I sure do miss her on the local stage. Li’l Dumplin’ prancing down Fayetteville Street holding hands with BullyBarber would be a photo op with “turn into a poster” potential. I digress…..

THIS TIME Sheila said: The US Constitution is 400 years old. !!! Brought over apparently on The Mayflower; or was it carved on that tree in Manteo along with “CROATAN”? . ….. Maybe the Vikings brought it over? … or The Beatles in 1963? In SJ Lee’s World anything is possible.

Sheila is a BIG BIG BIG fan of Fidel Castro. She has visited Fidel on several occasions. Fidel Castro & Sheila Jackson Lee enjoying cigars and mohitos while discussing the fate of Western Civilization. Think about THAT tonight just before you fall asleep. Woo-Hoooo!

You can LINK to the archive of “Sheila (D) Actually Saids”. I will tell you upfront, my very favorite Sheila Said was:

Sheila asking NASA officials did the Mars Lander “find that flag that the astronauts left….” …… on the freakin’ Moon. Folks, you gotta go a long ways to beat the pure innocent idiocy of that one.

If Sheila Jackson Lee (D) ever went one-on-one against Joe Biden (D) in a 3rd grade history quiz…. the sure loser would be American public education. Which is pretty well shot-to-hell regardsless.

Dan Quayle (R) spelling “potato”??? What about Lord Obama (D) last week honoring Aretha Franklin with “R-S-P-E-C-T”? But but but AgentPierce, he’s “black”. The expectations are much lower. Oh…. I keep forgetting about that rule.

That Obama campaign line about “58 states” goes under that cover too, I guess.

Where Dumplin’ Perdue always had this goofy Alfred E. Neuman’s sister – “What Me Worry” expression; Sheila is “Sapphire Stevens” from Amos ‘n Andy. Sheila spouts her classics lines while shooting everyone “the Evil Eye”. She always looks like she’s holding a rolling pin waiting for that conniving “Kingfish” to come home so’s she can rap a knot on his “haid”. And you just know Sheila / Sapphire could do it too.

Have I mentioned that Sheila Jackson Lee (D) has a degree from The University of Virginia Law School? WHOA! I figure she must be blood related to Sallie Hemings and got in/out of there on some Mr Jefferson Legacy Rule. Affirmative Action Is Us.

Don’t confuse Sheila with “Always Mad Maxine” Waters (D) from South Central LA. Mad Max is a hoot in her way. Also not anyone you want on your Jeopardy team. If Sheila is Sapphire then Always Mad Max is Fred Sanford’s Aunt Esther.

Gone but never forgotten would be Cynthia McKinney (D). Cynthia was Atlanta’s contribution to the U.S. Congress’ Name A Pure Fool contest. Cynthia would be Buckwheat if we must match them all up with a notable screen persona.

It would be an insult to Sheila (D), Maxine (D) and Cynthia (D) to say “Hey AgentPierce, all three of’em are bat-ass crazy black gals.” Yes, they are but they are sooooo bat-ass crazy that to define them racially sells them short. It would also be an insult to black people in general to so narrowly define Sheila, Maxine and Cynthia. White folks can say stoopid crap too…. Joe Biden, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi, etc etc etc.

I’m not taking cheapshots at these goofy gals because of their “looks”. It’s just that they happen to look as bat-ass crazy as they ARE.

How / Why do such MO-rons actually get elected (and re-elected and re-elected)? I don’t have that answer but think about it next time you are driving thru Houston’s 9th Ward or thru South Central LA. You do that regularly don’t you?

Yes…. there are elected / appointed officials “across the aisle” that can / do spout “doozies” with seemingly little effort….. and do so far more often that any Republican would wish. I openly admit that, but our best (worse) simply cannot hold a candle to:

Houston, Texas’ very own
Sheila Jackson Lee (D)

All of Life is column fodder and show prep….. indeed.

PlottHound on Facebook…. if you visited Carolina PlottHound on Facebook Thursday, you enjoyed a knock-down drag-out melee. That creative “artist” that is scamming the system with Obamacare came on and went really froggy. He was screeching and acarrying on threatening to “sue” and everything. Then he got a couple of his “artist”-pals to join in….. I could not resist a good Facebook mud-wrestle so I jumped in…. THEN it all sorta blew up. Reminded me of the old days on The N&O with BELO when that old rascal would do his “alls you peoples is in da KLAN” speech. …. I must admit. It was A LOT of Fun. Check it out.

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