Will “SugarDaddy Jim” Save NC Dems ??

March11/ 2014

Did you hear the one about the NC Democratic Party running out of money? They may have to give up their stately home HQ at 220 Hillsborough Street? Democrats mismanaging finances ? Geeee, where have we heard THAT before? Not to worry…..

Can we expect “SugarDaddy Jim” Goodmon to come to the rescue AGAIN? Hey, why not. Our favorite guilt-ridden Limo Liberal is making a regular habit of bailing out his Democratic pals.

Am I the only one who thinks 220 Hillsborough Street looks like an ante-bellum Southern Plantation? Very Tara-esque. Imagine Ben Chavis as Plantation-master. I’m telling you folks…. ya can’t make up this stuff. I digress…..

Last week SugarDaddy Jim was running a telethon for ObamaCare out of WRAL. Hey, is that legal ?? Who cares…. Jimbo Goodmon does whatever Jimbo Goodmon wants to do? Silverspoons tend to think that way.

The week before that, Jim assigned one of his toadies – Peter Anlyan – as Logistical Expert for BullyBilly Barber’s latest Hoot & Hate. Surely you remember Logistical Expert Peter reporting “maybe 15,000” as 80-100,000 because that’s what BullyBilly wanted him to report so Bully could enhance his national street cred as a Hoot & Hate organizer.

Must have worked. BullyBill got hisself upcoming gigs in Florida and Wisconsin. …… Better take Peter with you Bully. Peter counts however you tell him to count. Massa Jim sez “Peter, you do whatever Bully sez do”.

And then there’s Jim’s full-time Dumpster Divers – Laura Leslie & Mark Binker – “LesBink”. Jim hired Laura & Binky when the Repubs took over The General Assembly AND The Governor’s Mansion WITH A PUBLIC MANDATE. LesBink’s only job is to dig up or make up (either one is fine with Jim) dirt on any/all high profile Repubs. As for the PUBLIC MANDATE, Jim Goodmon doesn’t much care what most people want. What Jim Goodmon wants is all that counts.

Poor li’l Binky is in a snit lately because no one cares about that Duke Energy coal ash whatever. Binky has been ordered by Boss Jim to blame it all on PatMc. Jim didn’t care about it when Dumplin’ Purdue was playing Govy, but now he cares about it. When you’re playing with Uncle AJ’s (Fletcher’s) mega-bucks, you do whatever you wanna do, whenever you wanna do it.

Did you know in the 2008 and 2012 elections, Jim and Barbara Goodmon had not one BUT TWO Obama signs in their front yard? It’s a pretty big yard at their inside-the-beltline estate. For what its worth….. The Goodmons are A LOT richer than Gene “Mr Poverty” Nichol over at UNC Law School. Nichol’s $600,000/year is pocket change for AJ Fletcher’s nephew Jim.

So….. if need be, The NC Dems can move into Sugar Daddy Jim’s expansive compound at WRAL over on Western Blvd. WRAL is already serving as Sorta Official Media HQ for the Dems any way.

Back-up Plan B for the Dems to roost could be McClatchy’s N&O offices on South McDowell Street. There is PLENTY of vacant office space there…. and more every Friday as The N&O continues it’s “downsizing”…. wink, wink.

The N&O’s (“award-winning newshound”) Rob RielleWho Christensen and his sidekicks Johnny Reb Frank, Ned Barnett and Jimmy Jenkins would love to have the NC Dem staff in the next cubicle. It ain’t like another dozen or so washed-in-the-blood Obamic disciples would be out-of-place in McClatchy World.

They can all gather around the radio from noon to 3 each day listening to Rush and chortling how “he’ll never last”. They’ve been chortling that now for 26 years.

Plan C might be Jim and his inside-the-beltline Limo Lib pals creating space for the Dems at palatial Carolina Country Club. Only problem with THAT: Those Limo Libs’ oh-so-private country club had this long established policy about “people of color”. There are a couple of “tokens” now; but unless Bully, Ben and Barack can bus tables….. OUCH!

Never fear friends and neighbors. The NC Dems will continue to mismanage their finances and depend on outside union thug $$$$ and/or Soros-bucks (George is even richer than Jim).

With deep-pocketed sugar daddies like Jim Goodmon and GangMcClatchy to bail’em out, the NC Democratic Party won’t be operating out of “a van down by the river”.

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