NC Dems sing – “It’s Our Party and we’ll….”

February12/ 2014

NC Democrat leadership (??) are paraphrasing 60s songstress Leslie Gore. It’s Our Party… and we’ll hire who we want to.

NC Democ Chairman Randy Voller was just about to hand over the keys to his quite dysfunctional kingdom to Religio-Political “Bad Boy Ben” Chavis and his honcho BullyBill Barber. Then….. he didn’t.

Asked to name THE MOST radical academic institution in “the Triangle”, most folks would automatically say UNCCH. It’s said the only difference between Chapel Hill and Dix Hill is electrical shock treatments are legal at Dix Hill.

At the risk of pissing off the We’re #1 boasters on Franklin Street, they might have to take a backseat to their West Derm neighbor just up 15-501 – Duke.

The (almost) take-over of The North Carolina Democratic Party by Ben Chavis & BullyBill Barber scores major points for Duke as the #1 regional incubator of Religio-Political Radicalism. Did you know that……. both Ben Chavis and BullyBill Barber got M.Div degrees from Duke Divinity School in the 80s.

The thought of “Bad Boy” Ben Chavis as the new War Lord of the NCDems with Bully Billy as Vice War Lord for Indoctrination & Pontification musta scared the bejeebers outta the party’s Caucasian Persuasion graybeards (Erskine Bowles, Jim Hunt, Tony Rand et als). They quickly slapped the quietus on Randy Voller’s Grand Plan. At least for the time being.

Yeah, winning is really important BUT turning our party over to “those guys” ???

Phooey muttered Ben & Bully.

As “a crazy right-wing guy” I don’t get a vote in this thingy. As a commentater on political chaos I’m with Ben & Bully on this one – Phooey. 🙂

Pierce, what about Sleazy Easley and Dumplin Perdue? Who?

Voller had abruptly fired Robert Dempsey for “personal reasons”. Lord only knows what THAT could be since pretty much any thing goes with that bunch. Did they catch Dempsey listening to Rush?

Ben Chavis has “a permanent record” of enough bad boy behavior to make him a gen-u-ine hero to a certain prurient faction of liberal democrats. That faction where bad behavior is as proudly displayed as a prison tatt.

Might that be what short-circuited this widely rumored coup?

It was “the 80’s”, Duke was going thru extreme Limo-Liberal guilt and desperately wanted more “color” in the Gothic Rockpile. They recruited aspiring hot-blooded Religio-Political wannabees like Ben and Bill to their Divinity School. A friend of mine was a token whitey there during the 80s. He says class discussions often strayed pretty far from traditional scripture interpretations….. “pretty far” indeed.

Remember “Skip” Gates of Beer Summit fame? Skip was that guy at Harvard that got crossways with a honky cop and Obama ended up playing Mr FixIt. Well, Skip was also at Duke in the late 80s.

Skip was recruited to be “Duke’s Eldridge Cleaver”….. their very own Angry AfAm that Duke could brag about to their contemporaries in snoot academia. The goofy Dukes would trot out Skip at faculty shindigs stopping just short of having him tap dance and eat watermelon. “Hey, looky looky we got us our very own angry black perfesser. We be cool, huh?”

Alas, Skip was smarter than the goofy Dukes by a lot. He put up with that token foolishness for three years then bolted for Harvard. He still refers to Duke as “that plantation”.

Recall The Gang of 88 during Duke Lacrosse? Most of those 88 faculty and staff raging radicals were Ben & BullyBill’s running buddies “Color Over Character” is a scary concept.

Duke Lacrosse, despite the best (?) efforts of The N&O, blew up on Duke and their Gang of 88. What a sloppy mess! Score one for Truth and Justice.

At the height of that mess, Malik Zulu Shabazz brought his New Black Panther storm troopers to Duke. I was there for that one. Using Calypso Louie’s style book, Shabazz’ two dozen jack-booted Ray Lewis lookalikes scowled and chanted at Duke’s main gate. Very high Hoot Factor as BobLee would say.

This recent almost coup by Ben & BullyBill to take over the NCDems seemed risky to me, but it ain’t my party….. it ain’t my coup.

Bully has indeed done a Bully Mind Meld on almost every AfAm from Murphy To Manteo. L. Ron Hubbard has nothing on BullyBill as a cultist. He holds up two fingers they break out in one chant. He holds up three fingers, they switch to another one. He holds up his palm and they hush up to listen to his pulpit pounding rhetoric. It’s a given…. Bully has “the black vote” in his quite large pockets.

The over-the-top theatrical bombast used in Religio-Politics is effective with two factions – (1) the grossly uneducated; and (2) the grossly over-educated…. aka the faux-intellectual liberal elite. Bingo!

Did NCDem honcho Randy actually believe Bully’s absurdum about 80-100,000? Did Randy think “Hell Yeah…. Ben & Bully can be NCDem’s Dynamic Duo”?

When the smoke cleared, Randy realized Bully’s Bunch was “only maybe 20,000” with many of those hired mercs. Randy had extreme buyer’s remorse and quickly backed off handing Ben & Bully the keys to his kingdom.

Does Bully believe his own BS about those 80-100,000 thinking he really does have messianic powers? Has BullyBill gotten drunk on his own verbal hooch?

Given that Bully “has the black vote”, does he think their guilt-driven buddies in snob white academia and the hippie communes in Carrboro and Asheville can push’em over the top? Throw in a handful of tin-foil hat “new age” churches (wink, wink). They got about 30% tops.

The NC Democratic Party handed over to “Bad Boy” Ben Chavis & BullyBill Barber and their motley mob of Tru-believers ?? Not yet ……

Oh…. there was one other difference between Chapel Hill and Dix Hill. At Dix Hill, the tapioca pudding automatically came with raisins in it. At Chapel Hill, you have to request it.

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