Barber-ians On Parade

February08/ 2014

Well well Reverend BullyBarber had his much-ballyhooed Hoot ‘n Hate On Fayetteville Street earlier today. I was not in attendance but, with temperate weather, I’m sure Bully had a messa his disciples on hand. Best way to measure the attendance is take whatever figure the N&O / WRAL claims…. and cut that AT LEAST in half. Those folks take great pride (??) in saying whatever Bully tells them to say..

Bully is saying 80-100,000 of his dead-eyed minions showed up. That is patently absurd, but typical Bully BS. I’m sure Bully’s PR posse had that press release typed out a week ago. I’m gonna give Bully MAYBE 30,000 and I’m being very very generous so you won’t think I’m not being “fair”.

Yes, I’m counting the imported union thugs…. the goofy old hippies…. the usual downtown street corner bunch…. hotel guests…. hot dog vendors…. waiters…. bartenders…. police, EMTs…. the Krispy Kreme Doughnut runners…. and a cardboard cut-out of Cab Calloway singing “Mammy’s little baby loves shortnin’ bread….”.

Recall The Million Man March that Bully’s buddy Louie Farrakan put on a few years ago in DC? Calypso Louie claimed “a million” but satellite data found under 100,000. Ooops! BullyBarber was using Calypso Louie’s crowd-counters.

How does Bully get to out-and-out lie like this? The Kunte Kinte Rule. Bully and his ilk get to lie, exaggerate, pontificate and romp ‘n stomp how much they hate Conservatives because “the media” feels sorry for’em. If “the media” held them to the barest level of accountability Bully & his Bunch could not exist. It’s a limo-liberal guilt thing. It’s not going to abate in our lifetime.

Remember, liberals in general have to lie and they have admitted as much. They say “but its for a “greater good”. AKA: “if we ever told the truth even our really really Low Information Voters would reject us. Even those people” aren’t THAT stoopid.” I’m not sure about that.

They underestimate the abject gullibility of their base-level faction. Those sad souls will believe anything anyone tells them if it promises “free stuff”.

The race-baiting faction of liberals (aka BullyBarber’s Bunch) take regular liberal lie, throw in their Kunte Kinte Factor and VOILA…. we get 80-100,000 reported attendees at Bully’s Hoot ‘n Hate.

In the 2012 Election, 2,275,853 of your fellow North Carolinians voted to re-elect Barack Obama. Also, 1,931,750 voted for a totally empty suit named Wally Dalton for Governor. Lets not even factor in the double voting, again to be fair. That’s roughly 2,000,000 of your fellow citizens.

My friends….. those 2,000,000 folks really really don’t like “us” or much of anything we believe in. It is their right to do so. I accept that 4 out 10 folks I see at a mall….. don’t like me or what I believe in. Such are our times.

Those 4 out of 10 certainly include WRAL’s Jim Goodmon, N&O Publisher Orage Quarles and Editor John Drescher and most of the people still on their payrolls. I know you know that but I like to remind you. Without the complete support of WRAL and The N&O, BullyBarber would be preaching sidewalk sermons on a Goldsboro street corner.

Goodmon Quarles Drescher

Soooo, with 2,000,000 people who really don’t like me, you, Pat McCrory or the men and women you voted for in the NC General Assembly…. and only 30,000 or so showed up to hoot & hate with Bully this weekend, my question to Bully is “Where’s the other 1,970,000 Bully?

Hell, 30,000 isn’t even the population of Chapel Hill (58,000). Add in Carrboro’;s 19,000 and that over 75,000 screeching goggle-eyed spittle-spewing liberals. 97% of those folks REALLY don’t like us and they were only 25 miles away and there was no home game in Dean’s Dome.

Yes, I know they sent a bunch of mini-vans of Carrboro hippies and the entire congregation of Olin T Binkley Church Of The Whats Happen’ Now, but you da thought the entire coven woulda rallied for Bully. ????

Keep in mind that Bully Barber is just one tub of cyanide-flavored Kool-Aid short of Jim Jones with his base constituency. When he dresses up in full costume and does that wicked “evil eye” thing he does…. those lemming would kiss rattlesnakes and swallow razor blades for him. Yes, that is kinda scary.

You all please get back to living your life, enjoying family and friends and doing your best to do your best. Bully and his Barber-ians hated us last week, this weekend and will hate us well into the future. It’s who they are… it’s what they do. They are quite hard-wired to do so.

Neither Obama nor Empty-Suit Wally “won” in North Carolina.
We got the crazy sumbitches outnumbered. Yea Us.

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