Valentine’s Day Arrives Early for….

February06/ 2014

Most of us must wait until next week (the 14th) to officially express our affection to our loved ones. Not so for those cuddly puppies in the regional (and national) media. Yes, Valentine’s Day came early this year for those silly scamps…. they stopped just a hair short of WE LOVE CLAY…. GO CLAY GO!

Predicting the N&O, WRAL, N&R (and CNN) ain’t exactly “rocket surgery”. In fact it is way easier than “shooting fish in a barrel” or “falling out of bed”. But I am a bit confused here.

Did Barack & Michelle AND Bill & Hillary arrive at RDU yesterday to announce both superstar couples are buying a duplex at Brier Creek ??….. or did Clay Aiken simply announce his candidacy for the 2nd Congressional district? On the Hoop-La meter it was hard to tell.

Was that Jim Goodmon standing in the middle of I-40 @ Miami Blvd stopping rush hour traffic to personally tell each motorist how “Goshdarn THRILLED” he is that CLAY CLAY CLAY has arrived to Save The Day.

N&O’s Barry “The Colonel” Sanders and WRAL’s Laura Leslie have been appointed Co-Chairmen of Media ClayMates R Us. Details for getting t-shirts, bumperstickers and, of course, lapel ribbons will be announced soon.

I don’t watch CNN (wasn’t sure they were still in business) but did see a piece yesterday where one of their info-babes was interviewing CandidateClay and had a moment of “mortified” when Clay expressed a smidgen of disappointment with Lord Obama. …. that MessiahBarack has not been able to engender a spirit of compromise in Washington. Clay thinks he’s just the fellow that can do that….. by golly.

About the only question remaining, and it’s a big-un, is:

Will N&O award-winning Rob “RielleWho” Christensen be “imbedded” in CampaignClay to chronicle each and every step and utterance that “CandidateClay” makes over the next nine months. OK, almost every step.

As we learned when “award-winning Rob” was imbedded in John Edwards’ campaign, what Rob chooses to report is not exactly “everything” that is going on. Wink wink….

Money being REALLY tight at The N&O, Editor Drescher is negotiating with Raleigh Transit Authority (RTA) for Free Riding 4 Rob to follow Clay around.

Comparisons to “JFK Reincarnated” and “Is Clay The New Man From Hope” might seem a bit hyperbolic to some but By Golly this is just so gosh darn EPIC.

Yes, there is one smidge of discord….. BullyBillyBarber is peeved that CandidateClay will be cutting into his daily column inches and air-time. A delegation has been dispatched to “wherever Barber lives” to resolve all this.

Drip…. drip…. drip…..

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