Dear Renee; Don’t…..

February05/ 2014

If Congresswoman Renee Ellmers asked me (and to-date she has not done so) how she should “deal with” Clay Aiken’s announced candidacy for her Congressional seat, here is what I would suggest to her.

Dear Renee; Don’t…….

…. Don’t pay any attention to Clay Aiken whatsoever UNTIL / UNLESS he (and you!) survive upcoming primaries. If you both do face-off in the general election in November, I will revisit the issue of how to “deal with him” then.

Clay Aiken’s candidacy should absolutely NOT be discounted as a publicity joke. To do so would be a serious mistake for Renee Ellmers and her campaign staff. BTW, it is one Aiken not “Aikens” but expect that to be butchered 75% of the time.

I’m sure there will be a bunch of jokes about his candidacy from the Republican “peanut gallery”. Those jokes will only serve to elevate his candidacy. Don’t do that.

I don’t “know” Congresswoman Ellmers personally, and she does not know me. I have met her at several fundraisers and candidate forums over the past four years…. “meet & greets”. I do know a member of her office staff. I do not live in her district ergo she does not represent me in Congress so I do not have the option of voting for her. I would if I could.

We (Renee and I) do not agree on every issue. I am more “hard-line” Conservative than her voting record, but I do not represent a Congressional District composed of citizens at every point in the ideological spectrum. To be elected to Congress, one must first “be elected” and that requires “political skills” of which I am devoid (aka: I don’t have any!).

Allowing for our several points of policy disagreement, I much prefer Renee Ellmers’ political position than I do any of her Democratic opponents. Not even close.

Renee has a legitimate opponent in the Republican primary – Frank Roche. I’ve never met Frank Roche but know him as a radio personality with strong Conservative views. I’m sure Candidate Roche will not be wasting his primary campaign time worrying about Candidate Aiken one iota.

My policy is to stay neutral in primaries because “serious wounds from a bloody primary” can prove deadly in general elections. The Republican primary to oppose Kay Hagan is shaping up that way.

As the incumbent, Renee Ellmers has definite advantages….. and definite DISadvantages. Any incumbent’s Voting Record is a two-edged sword.

Candidate Aiken also has a contentious primary before him. Some former state government bureaucrat part of Dumplin’s Gang in her Commerce Dept. I don’t have to know anything about him or even his name…. but Aiken probably should. But that’s his problem not mine.

The regional media (N&O and WRAL, et al) will go ga-ga for Clay Aiken. The national “drive-bys” will give Aiken plenty of free support too. They (regional & national media) want to defeat Renee Ellmers at any cost and will attack her with all guns blazing…. Aiken is an easy horse for them to ride. He already has extensive “Name Recognition” and that is invaluable to a political candidate with no political record.

UPDATE: Within the first 24 hours of Aiken’s announcement, The N&O, WRAL and even Greensboro’s N&R have gone into full “orgasmic” mode. Has JFK been reincarnated ?…. Is Clay the next Man From Hope?…. be still my beating little liberal heart CLAY CLAY CLAY ….. Oh so predictable.

If you think Clay Aiken’s candidacy is “a joke” you obviously don’t know too much about how Democrats choose their candidates. The term “yellow dog Democrat” means someone who would “even vote for an ol yeller dawg” if it was running as a Democrat.

Lets start at the top with Barack Obama (DUH!)….. Joe Biden…… Al Franken….. Nancy Pelosi….. Harry Reid….. Maxine Waters….. Sheila Jackson Lee….. Cynthia McKinney….. Bev “Dumplin” Perdue….. enough ??? A case can easily be made for the “seriousness” of any of the above duly-elected politicians to be making policy for America.

I’m leaving out BullyBillyBarber. He’s never been elected to anything. But he can scare up a mini-mob of Dem LIVs with one ham-fisted pound on his pulpit.

On the Deranged Clown-meter, Clay Aiken doesn’t make the Democrat Top Ten or even come close. With their army of LIVs (Low Information Voters), if Aiken teamed up with Miley Cyrus they could get A LOT of votes for King & Queen of America. Think about that next time you’re in a food court at your local mall.

Aiken has (1) Name Recognition and (2) plenty of experience as a media celebrity….. arguably more of both than Congresswoman Ellmers. But none of that is Renee’s concern YET…. and may never be.

So, for the time being I recommend Renee Ellmers totally ignore Candidate Aiken (despite constant media harassment to get her to do otherwise). Renee’s staff might want to check on Scotty McCreery’s voter registration as a possible endorser.

…..and you, as my fellow Conservatives, also ignore Candidate Aiken. Your droll sophomoric jokes about Aiken’s public/private life will only make you “sound like democrats”. Don’t ever do THAT.


Did I see where Radical Left-Wing Media Mogul – Jim Goodmon – was recently playing Paul Revere screeching about “global warming, cooling, whatever”? That Jim is a certified “hoot” fer sure. What’s next Jim? UFO’s parked behind the Governor’s Mansion?

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