FoxNews’ Latest FoxyLady Kicks Butt!

January20/ 2014

Every living Conservative has heard the taunts and jibes from goggle-eyed spittle-spewing radical left-wing lunatics that …… “FoxNews is totally bogus because…… their female reporters and show hosts are “just” fluffy pretty leggy blah blah blah.” ?? Huh?

So now along comes Lea Gabrielle….. “just another FoxFoxyLady” who is (1) an Annapolis graduate….. (2) a Navy F-18 carrier pilot flying combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not that Lea’s creds compare with the resumes of Jim Goodmon’s dumpster divers or McClatchy’s gang of feckless weasels. Such lofty accomplishments as “have attended every Lalapalooza concert” and “once cried at The Vagina Monologues”.

“The left” has waged War On Pretty & Accomplished Women since Betty Friedan burned her first bra. The War On Women Who Don’t Need To Wear PantSuits To Hide Kegles is an off-shoot of their major offensive. We will not even “go there” about their bone-deep War On Heterosexual Attractive White Women With Killer Legs because that goes without saying.

Say WOW and quickly compare Lea Gabrielle to any pair of XX chromosomes that squats at CNN, CBS, MSNBC (are they still on-the-air) and all those other Obama-lovin’ insane asylums. Lea Gabrielle versus the whole sorry lot of’em and spot them 90 yards in a 100 yard dash and Lea would smoke’em.

As for comparing Lea’s “creds” to any of the dumpster-divin’ media-weasels around the Triangle…. don’t even waste your time. I heard that RobRielleWho Christensen once make a paper airplane and threw it at Jim Jenkins. Does that count?…… When “well, I once battled Bill Barber over a pork chop at Golden Corral” is “my most hazardous experience” that pretty much says it all.

The late Helen Thomas was their Prom Queen Emeritus. I mean REALLY !!!!

Actually you should take a half hour and google any of the more prominment FoxNews Foxes. Megan. Martha, Gretchen, Greta, Heather, et al. Check out their academic cred (you KNOW how much value the libs put on THAT!) as well as their pre-Fox experience. Do it…. I dare you to do that too.

Oh…. before I forget. WRAL and McClatchy’s failing newspapers celebrated MLK Day by continuing to blatantly refuse to report Black-on-White crime. “maybe by not doing so it will just all go away….”. Have you seen THIS ONE reported anywhere in your area? – LINK.


Meanwhile Barack Obama said this week-end “if I had a son….. I would not let him play pro football.” This is, we are led to assume, the same make-believe Obamic son that looks like Trayvon Martin…. hoodie and all.

Not to be confused with the Obamic “If I owned a pro football team I would not name it Redskins. I would name it the Glorious Muslim Freedom-Fighters”. OK, he never said that but I betcha he thought it.

Staying in Football….. if you happened to catch Seahawks’ Richard Sherman’s gangsta rant w/ Erin Andrews immediately after their victory over 49ers….. you probably blinked and said “Oh My”. You might have immediately assumed Sherman is just the latest in a seemingly endless parade of dreadlocked gangsta-types who are taking over pro (and college) sports like 9mm-toting kudzu. Not quite…..

Sherman is an honors graduate of Stanford. I said Stanford, not UNC-CH so “honors graduate” might actually mean something with this one. He is actually quite “intelligent” in the traditional sense of the term. He purposely effects his really scary gangsta persona to create a certain public image. He has not revealed WHY such an extreme image is his goal. I am assuming it is to be considered extreme enough to maybe be invited to Michelle Obama’s next birthday extravaganza. Sucking up to Obama pals Beyonce & Jay-Z might help too.

Me? I’m sticking with The Mannings. Call me old-fashioned. I like “nice guys” who behave themselves. When/If Peyton or Eli grow “dreads” I’ll probably give up on the NFL.


Hey I have an idea. Could we save a holiday by combining MLK Day w/ Black Friday ?? Really, think about it.

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