So bad “They even fired a black guy!”

January03/ 2014

We continually document how awful conditions have become at Raleigh’s News & Observer. The once proud “Old Reliable” has been hemorrhaging red ink thru every orifice for almost a decade. Could not be happening to a more deserving gang of sanctimonious journo-weasels.

How bad has it gotten? So bad that they are even firing black guys! Say it ain’t so Jim Crow! Barry “The Colonel” Saunders may not be safe after all.

Wonder if The N&O’s favorite ranting reverend Bully Barber knows…. or even cares? Bill’s busy courting old white Carrboro and Asheville hippies these days.

Perhaps you saw the story from WNCN’s website or on PlottHound….. an AfAm fellow named Craig Lindsey wrote the N&O’s movie reviews back in their long gone “print money” days. Craig got the ax from Quarles & Drescher in 2011. LINK….

Craig has been unemployed ever since. Meanwhile Quarles & Drescher continue to haul in their hefty six-figure salaries. Of course. Wonder if Orage & John are giving Craig a discount on his “I Need A Job” ad?

My first thought was “I’m surprised they didn’t try and blame this on McCrory or Tillis”. Hint: Dumplin’ Purdue was Guvy Dumplin when Craig got axed but The N&O never lets “facts” get in their way.

My second thought was that saying “I got canned by The N&O. Will you hire me?” has got to land with a thud and a splatt on any prospective area employer’s desk. Ex-N&O mud slingers are as in demand as baby harp seal clubbers or “former production assistant for a kiddie porn producer”.

“I quit that McClatchy freak show because they are a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites” sounds much better. Leaving The N&O completely off one’s resume would be the best strategy.

Wonder if Craig has tried applying with Jim Goodmon’s bunch?

I knew some pretty good folks down there quite a few years ago. The “good folks” are all long gone. What’s left are the hard-core beady-eyed ideologues and the “work really cheap” dregs. If a recently canned N&Oer ever showed up on my doorstep, I’d have him or her de-loused before I’d talk to’em. Yuck!

Render the whole ever-dwindling lot of’em down and you’d end up with a teaspoon short of a tablespoon of integrity.

Gee, you don’t like’em too much do you Pierce? Nope.

To be fair, Craig is not the first AfAm that has been canned by GangMcClatchy in recent years. Former News Editor Linda Williams was a real piece of work. Lovable Linda described Duke Lacrosse’s legendary Crystal Mangum as “honor student and single mother of two”. That historic tidbit of journalistic flatulence was even too much for the N&O’s non-existant standards.

I don’t recall Bully Barber coming to Linda’s aid either. Interesting fellow that Bill Barber.

For an uber-liberal operation that cries alligator tears for the underprivileged among us…. and blames all societal ills on eeeeevil Republicans and anyone named Jesse or Art…. for McClatchy to put Craig Lindsey on the streets seems a bit harsh don’t you think.

A newspaper that publicly promotes more AfAms on their front page than Ebony or Jet is, behind the scenes, throwing them into the unemployment dumpster ???

This begs the question – “How DIVERSE is whats left of McClatchy’s workforce these days? Inquiring minds want to know…..

So tell me again why you still subscribe to that scurrilous rag…. if indeed you do?

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