Whose Turn Is It?

December18/ 2013

I’ve lost track. Whose turn is it to call the other side “Nazis”? Is there like a Clearinghouse in Switzerland that monitors these never-ending trite insult-bombardments and says “OK liberals / conservatives, its your turn now”? If not, there should be.

Local politicos, pundits and press weasels are playing “y’all are Nazis” Again. Yawn. And I’m still waiting for a historian to tell us “what did political opponents call one another prior to the mid 1920s.” Visigoths? Apaches? Troglodytes?

The ostrichs are wearing do-rags……

It could just remain as is with random “you’re a Nazi…. no, YOU’re a Nazi” charges being tossed at each other with media-fueled catapults. But I propose some semblance of order to this silliness.

Lets assign “months w/ 30 days” to one side and “the 31 day months” to the other. February will be “open season” as currently. Yes, I know there are more 31 day months than 30 day ones. I propose the party out of power get the 31 day ones as they are much angrier and full of spittle-spewing rage.

If a party insulter “goes Nazi” out of his assigned month he must dress up in full jack-booted Gestapo uniform, and attend services at a pre-assigned synagogue with media in attendance. Yes, I realize “the media” will not report when the violator is a liberal and paying his penance…. but I will.

All silly sophomoric insults other than this one special Germanic N-word are under no restrictions. This will allow BillTheBullyBarber to continue to refer to all conservatives as “infidels”, “pagans”, “satan’s spawn” as well any other Old Testaments profanities he and his posse can dig up or make up.

BullyBill can even throw out F-bombs once he finds an obscure passage that he interprets as being pious to do so. BillTheBully has a special “bible” that he got on-line from Al Sharpton with nasty insults highlighted in day-glo orange.

Sure the local partisan pinheads crowd – Christensen, Franks, Barnett, Binky, Leslie – will react in faux-shock and indignation when any Repub says Nazi and will quietly ignore and/or applaud when “their side” does so. That’s who they are and that’s what they do. Jim Goodmon, John Drescher and Orage Quarles will hide in the shadows and grimace between tightly clenched fangs.

Hey, that reminds me. I handed out an assignment a few weeks ago. Have you found ONE Home Security Services commercial yet that shows black guys breaking into a house?

No ? Just white Beagle Boys. I guess black guys don’t do that any more…. huh? Solve “black crime” by simply not reporting it or implying that it doesn’t exist. The Knockout Game?? What Knockout Game? We don’t know nuthin’ bout no Knockout Game.

That’s the “ostrichs don’t wear do-rags” school of journo-lying as practiced by McClatchy weasels and, of course, Goodmon’s gang of journo-thugs.

I’ve always been fascinated by “advertising”. Apparently white heterosexuals no longer are targeted consumers. I guess AfAms and gays have all the buying power now. Who knew?

ESPN decided last week that “Jesus” was problematic and refused to run an ad that mentioned His name. Now A&E suspends Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for stating his personal beliefs about homosexuality in a GQ article.

If you don’t think “we” are in a full-fledged WAR with the liberal media; then you ain’t paying attention.

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