Venom-spewing Bully Goes Toxic

December02/ 2013

Its not Thursday, but the latest Bill Barber crap necessitates a special commentary.

Without Jim Goodmon and McClatchy’s failing newspapers, Bill Barber would be stalking a Goldsboro street corner shouting “REPENT! The end of the world is near!” and hoping folks would throw quarters in his hat. Or he would be an acolyte in charge of bringing the doughnuts for an Al Sharpton Hoot ‘n Hate.

Look, I respect the right of a venom-spewing bully clown to “go toxic”. I also acknowledge that extreme liberal media organizations such as Jim Goodmon’s Capital Broadcasting Co and the N&O McClatchy Gang will enthusiastically promote a venom-spewing clown like Barber when he “goes toxic”. I just want you to get the full picture of this profane foolishness.

Last week BillTheBully issued a Thanksgiving Manifesto in which he defamed and insulted the duly-elected leaders of North Carolina. His afore-mentioned media sycophants reported “You tell’em Rev Billy”.

Bill Barber is a human blimp over-inflated with the hot air of ginned-up racist rage….. a convenient over-the-top comic persona that Goodmon and McClatchy are employing in their escalating war against every Conservative in North Carolina. If Barber did not exist, Goodmon and McClatchy would make him up. Heck, maybe they did make him up?

This guy is North Carolina’s very own Batman / Bond villain. Goldfinger, The Joker, Dr No, Riddler, Penguin….. and BullyBarber.

Barber wraps his mean-spirited bulliness in ecclesiastical raiments and punctuates his hate-mongering with random Scriptures. BullyBill is not the first or last “mob-ster” to use Scripture to ratchet-up hate and rage among a simple-minded constituency.

This week Barber is going after Art Pope. With Goodmon and McClatchy laying the media saturation bombing demonizing Art Pope, BillTheBully is now lumbering in to instruct his dead-eyed minions to boycott Pope’s Variety Wholesalers discount department stores.

Bill Barber Tries To Intimidate & Extort Art Pope – LINK

Economic Intimidation and Extortion is a trick Barber learned from The Justice Brothers – Jesse & Al. And from Socialist activist, and Obama mentor – Saul Alinsky.

These stunts are very rarely if ever, effective beyond the initial photo op but his media cohorts will make you think they are widespread and oh-so sincere. The liberal media LIES and shills for Bill Barber but its OK, in their twisted little minds, because “it’s for the greater good”…. huh ??

If Bill Barber has the volume turned up via his media honchos you can bet UNC-CH embarrassment Screamin’ Gene Nichol will be glomming on for his share of “the pub”.

BillTheBully Barber and Screamin’ Gene Nichol….. “the faces of compassionate progressivism in North Carolina”. A coupla real foul-mouthed sweethearts!

Just two more extreme liberal hoot & haters grabbing for their share of manufactured fame courtesy of Goodmon, McClatchy…. and Greensboro’s News & Record.

Oh….. McClatchy has also officially launched its Re-Elect Our Friend Kay Hagan campaign. The N&O’s whizbang political hack RobRielleWho is campaign chairman and primary tub-thumper for Hagan.


My SaidWhatMedia buddy BobLee was in Chapel Hill over the weekend. Some kind of sports event or such.

Anyhoo, he was strolling a sidewalk art fair…. and some Chapel Hill loonie lib is actually selling 2014 Moral Monday Calendars. Twelve pictures of BullyBarber leading his mini-mob of “old Carrboro hippies” and screaming racist hate-rhetoric from his bully pulpit.

Hey, it could be worse….. imagine a Bill Barber & Gene Nichol Swimsuit Calendar. Nooooo!

Expect The N&O to be offering free calendars to any fool who’ll buy a subscription. Even liberals are cancelling their N&O subscriptions now.

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