The (clean black) Man Who Would be King

November21/ 2013

The Man Who Would Be King was a novella by Rudyard Kipling that was adapted into a 1978 movie starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine. The frightening comparison to Obama’s ascension as a two term POTUS and Danny & Peachy’s scheme in remote Kafiristan remain solid.

I first made this comparison back in 2008 when “Bozo Joe” Biden was describing Barack Obama as “our first articulate, bright and “clean (?)” black candidate”. Yes, Joe DID say that.

AND two of McClatchy’s most historic embarrassments are back “in the news” this week…….

You can still rent or buy the movie on-line. Connery (“Danny”) & Caine (“Peachy”) are two British adventurers who bamboozle a remote Himalayan tribe into thinking they are man-gods. This classic tale ends tragically for Danny & Peachy.

How will this current version end for the “bright and clean” community organizer with the cloudy past who sat obediently in Jeremiah Wright’s pew for twenty years?

The gullibility of the masses has been the theme of countless stories and legends throughout history. What one man would clearly see as a cheap flim flam can often, when played out to a mass audience, be easily sold.

The individual sees his fellows all stirred up and moving lemming-like to the hypnotic machinations of a messiah de jour….. so he discards his individual legitimate skepticism to join the parade. The admonition “If it sounds too good to be true then…..” gets drowned out by the chanting mob.

Life can be confusing. Unexplainable tragedy and heartaches are part of Life. As individuals we are all vulnerable to the random reality that “s**t happens” despite our best-laid plans. When the inevitable next messiah comes along promising “follow me to the land of milk and honey (and keep your current plan)” there is a tug within each of us to want to believe him. For some that “tug” is an irresistible opiate.

Hitler understood it…… Jim & Tami Faye Bakker used it…… Jim Jones played it….. The Pied Piper did it to the desperate burgermeisters of Hamlin. And Barack Obama “did it” to America. In Obama’s case he only needed a sycophant media to paraphrase PT Barnum and “fool 51% of the people on Election Day”.

In Kipling’s tale, the villagers of Kafiristan inevitably discover their false gods were just silver-tongued flim flamers. It is the flim flammers that end up going over the cliff to be dashed on the jagged rocks far below.

Watch the movie or read the story. The parallels are frighteningly obvious. Whether Barack Hussein Obama ends up like Danny and Peachy has yet to be played out…….


Speaking of lying flim flammers……. Ebenezer Scrooge had his ghostly visitors and the desperate red-ink bleeding news-manipulators at McClatchy’s North Carolina newspaper franchises keep getting their haunting reminders.

No Jacob Marley for co-conspirators Orage Quarles and John Drescher but John Edwards and Crystal Mangum do keep popping up.

John & Crystal are baaaaaaccckkk as permanent reminders of what a sorry bunch of no-count journo-weasels some continue to blindly trust for “the Printed Truth”. Yes, I know YOU don’t trust them….. but; believe it or not, some of your acquaintances still do trust them. Acquaintances in your workplace and in your neighborhood and in your children’s school……

There are lies….. damn lies….. and then there’s the front pages of The News & Observer and Charlotte Observer.

John Edwards announced this week he is opening a new law firm in Raleigh with his daughter and a former associate…….

NEVER FORGET……. The N&O’s crackerjack (“award-winning”) political reporter Rob Christensen was imbedded in the daily political campaign of John Edwards throughout Edwards’ sordid sleazy affair with Rielle Hunter. There was no journalist in America more closely following the day-to-day activities of the candidate and his skanky videographer than Rob Christensen. ……. YET: The N&O did not even mention the scandal until two weeks after all the sordid details had been laid bare in every other media outlet on Earth. TWO WEEKS – “award-winning” indeed Rob RielleWho?

Meanwhile….. Crystal Mangum’s trial for the butcher-knifing of her latest boyfriend is underway in Derm. The American Judicial System meets Saturday Night Live….. Yeeee Hahahaha.

NEVER FORGET…… When Crystal (aka Ho #1) first muttered her drug-addled version of what happened that fateful night at 610 North Buchanan Street in Durham….. McClatchy’s newshounds “rushed to judgement” declaring the deranged prostitute to be “an honor student and single mother of two”. They tried to fabricate that she may have even been a navy hero and maybe even, by golly, the next Rosa Parks. …….

A mentally deranged drug-addict and street whore transformed over-night into a corn-rowed Joan of Arc symbol of “racial injustice in the South” perpetrated by “rich white boys”. Quick, call John Grisham we got us another “Time To Kill” right here in Derm.

Facts bedamned….. McClatchy’s mutts smelled a Pulitzer. Within a week or so…. the FACTS of what had really happened that night was obvious to everyone EXCEPT the N&O newshounds still giddy over the faux aroma of “a Pulitzer”.

It’s been seven years and still no apology from McClatchy for one of the most infamous journalistic embarrassments since Gutenberg invented the printing press. By the company still publishing the daily newspapers read by ever-dwindling audiences in Raleigh and Charlotte.

The same publishers that viciously attacked Dr. Billy Graham in the Summer of ’12 for daring to “have Conservative values” but then fawned adoringly over Rev. BillTheBully Barber when he spewed toxic political venom from his pulpit. Yes. That same newspaper publisher.

NEVER FORGET John Edwards and Crystal Mangum!

…. and The (clean black) Man Who Would Be King.

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