ALERT! Dangerous SBG Prowling North Raleigh

September27/ 2013

If you have visited this website for any period of time you know about “The Do-Rag Rule”. If not, I’ll explain it again. Corollaries to the Do-Rag Rule are YBMs and SBGs. Well….. an SBG (not “a Beagle Boy”) is loose in North Raleigh with serious criminal intent on his mind. Be on the ALERT!

If you have either of the two major Home Security systems in your home, you may not be as secure as you think. …….

The Do-Rag Rule was the pent-ultimate ultra-liberal racist journalism stunt ever perpetrated, at least in this neck o’ the woods.

After the journalistic trainwreck known as Duke Lacrosse Fiasco finally died down to just a permanent stain on “the Triangle”. That only took “a freakin’ year”……. n’er we ever forget “honor student and single mother of two” ….. Jesse Jackson will pay her tuition blah blah……… “rich white boys whose parents live on a golf course blah blah”…. Crystal Gayle Mangum and Mikey Nifong et al.

So after that abated a tad; “then” N&O News Editor Linda Williams decreed that The N&O would no longer include any reference to a criminal suspect’s race or skin color. Ms Williams apparently assuming that would reduce the number of times that a YBM (Young Black Male) or a SBG (Standard Black Guy) was indeed the perp seen fleeing the scene and/or described by victims. Don’t try too hard to figure Ms Williams’ logic on that. Ms Williams, by the way, is an AMABW – angry middle-aged black woman.

Coincidentally, Ms Williams was also the editorial genius that coined that phrase “honor student and single mother of two” to describe Crystal Gayle Mangum aka “The Psycho Ho” who framed the “rich white boys” and is now awaiting trial for butcher-knifing her latest boy-friend in a bath tub.


UPDATE: As of 11/22/13….. Crystal Gayle is now “Honor student, single mother of several more than two AND convicted butcher knife murderer.” Whether The N&O will do another glowing feature story on this local celebrity has not been decided. …. so, tell me again WHY you read The N&O??


Just a few weeks after Ms Williams’ edict went into effect there was a sexual assault reported at ….. a Duke Fraternity House. But guess what ??? It was an AfAm Fraternity! YIKES! A “white” (uh oh !!) girl reported being assaulted. The hapless N&O reporter covering the Derm Crime Beat (a very busy “beat” to be sure) was flummoxed trying to report accurately and not violate his boss’ edict. What to do? What to do?

The story appearing in The N&O reported “the suspect is described as wearing a sweat shirt, jeans …. and a Do-Rag!” VOILA! Thus was born The Do-Rag Rule.

The Good News is that Linda Williams was eventually “permanently furloughed” from The N&O. Give credit to those McClatchy suits. “Permanently furloughing” a very angry middle-aged black woman from a very very Very Left-leaning (wink wink) media organization is no small task.

“A camel thru a needle’s eye” and “toothpaste back in a tube” are pieces o’ cake compared to ridding one’s self of such a demographic embarrassment. Now, alas, Linda be gone. But The Do-Rag Rule, later quietly un-edicted, lives forever at least on this website.

This is the same newspaper that has given Big Bad Bill Barber a permanent key to what’s left of its crumbling kingdom. The N&O would sooner omits its obituaries and comic strip then let a day go by without both editorial and front page fawning over BBBill’s latest sideshow stunt… and aggressively promoting his next one.

So now we have a rash of armed home invasions and car-jacking in several “up-scale neighborhoods in North Raleigh”. That’s N&O-speak for “where rich white folks aka eeevil tea partiers live”.)

Here’s a link from about this crime spree. Yes, that’s Jim “Mr Limo Liberal” Goodmon’s merry bunch of tabloid lizards. …. LINK.

In the WRAL piece….. “described as a black man about six foot tall….” appears in paragraph 13 out of 15.

In the N&O report of the same crimes “…. described as a black man about six foot tall…” appears in paragraph 24 out of 25. For sure the N&O editors woulda preferred paragraph 26 out of 25. Apparently the “six foot tall black man” was NOT wearing a Do-Rag.

The regional story of the angry mass murderer (a YBM) who terrorized the Greenville NC mall back in June “because he wanted to kill whitey” was buried by both WRAL and The N&O. SURPRISE !!!

Just for giggles and grins….. google WRAL and The N&O for number of stories about Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman. Go ahead…. I’ll wait for you.

More giggles … and neither one covered that other “kill Whitey” Oklahoma murder of the Australian white baseball player. You had already forgot about him, haven’t you? They hoped you would.

Have you noticed….. in all those TV ads for Home Security systems – ADT, CPI et al – the scowly burglar is ALWAYS a WG (“white guy”). A WG that looks like a “Beagle Boy” from the old Scrooge McDuck comics. When’s the last time “a Beagle Boy” invaded a home in your neighborhood?

I challenge you to find ONE ADT or CPI commercial in which a SBG or YBM is featured as the burglar. I did see one where the dispatcher getting the call was a black female (BF).

Can you imagine the BROUHAHA that “The Justice Brothers” (Jesse, Al et al) would create if ADT or CPI implied that SBGs might ever commit such felonies? What would be next….. “a Colombian running a drug cartel?”

Is someone missing a market niche by not offering a Home Security System that catches black guys in addition to Beagle Boys?

Now you will not be able to watch one of those commercials without yelling “Look Honey, its just like AgentPierce said it was!” If I had a nickle for every time…..

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering about Big Bad Bill Barber. BBBill he ain’t said nuthin’’bout these crimes nor about that whitey-killer in Greenville. BBBill is too busy stirring up the old hippies in Carrboro and Asheville. Even a race-baiting demagogue has only so many hours in his day. Gotta have priorities.


Before anyone goes all goofy here….. (yes, its too late for some of you)

Are ALL black guys criminal perps or ever likely to be perps? Of course not! Thats absurd.

Are ALL Tea-Party members “racist extremists”? Of course not! Thats absurd. In fact I don’t know of even one that is.

Are ALL black preachers extreme racist-theology demagogues like BBBill and Jeremiah Wright? Of course not! That’s absurd.

Do ALL Liberals consider themselves “quite intellectual”? Uhhhh, maybe not ALL because I’ve not met ALL of’em but so far its about 98% by my count.

Has the N&O EVER endorsed a Repub for any elected office? Yes, a RINO named Don Mumford about ten years ago.

How can I SAY what I’ve said above? Let’s rephrase that. How can The N&O and WRAL NOT SAY “what I’ve said above”?

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