Jim Goodmon’s Goons sink lower…. and lower

September17/ 2013

To anyone who bet Jim Goodmon’s Gang of Goons could not sink any lower…. YOU LOSE. We continue to document the downward spiraling of WRAL’s “news” (??) coverage because somewhere in the Greater Triangle metro area there might still be ONE Conservative or one Independent or even one open-minded Democrat who hasn’t realized what pathetic depths Goodmon / WRAL has dissolved into.

Their latest all-out attack on Governor McCrory might swing these final votes…..

Saturday night, Goodmon’s favorite bloviating demagogue “Big Bad Bill” Barber notified the world that he was turning loose The Barber Youth Corps on The NC Governor’s Mansion for a Monday afternoon Hoot ’n Hate. WRAL immediately declared this as an official WRAL BFD with all the bombastic sizzle it could muster.

“Anchorman” David “Ted Baxter” Crabtree and his gaggle of Goodmon sock-puppets turned up the volume to hype Big Bad Bill’s weekly stunt. Rumors that Laura Leslie actually drove around Cameron Village yelling out her car window – “Come to our latest “We Hate Republicans” rally” – CANNOT be confirmed.

Late Monday afternoon “maybe 150” bedraggled, dead-eyed & distraught Junior Barber-ians did indeed show-up and wandered around the perimeter of the Governor’s Mansion. They traipsed about in their usual self-righteously indignant fashion (carrying a coffin!) with their usual “WE DEMAND _______ “ posters. With the usual troupe of sympathetic media flacks and flack-ettes duly noting this “overwhelming public outrage” towards all things Republican.

“Maybe 150 bedraggled Barber Youth…” Allowing for the standard media-inflation, that means maybe 75-80 but lets give’em the entire 150 which is pathetic enough.

Governor Pat McCrory was not there. He was in Charleston SC representing our state at a Republican Governors’ conference. Ergo, the fact that the Governor did not cancel those plans to meet with Big Bad Bill’s mini-mob of pimply-faced protestors became WRAL’s lead local news.

To be fair to Goodmon’s Goons, they did lead their website with the Navy Yard tragedy. But McCrory Insults Young People By Not …… was a close second.

McCrory Not There….. CLICK.

If any further evidence is needed that Jim Goodmon and his goon squad has deteriorated into a comic caricature of a “news organization” this should do it.

“But I like Greg the weather guy” is simply no reason to patronize WRAL-TV5 or WRAL.com or even 101.5 radio. I never advocate advertiser boycotts but you might mention to any WRAL advertisers you know that “this is no longer the WRAL of the 20th century”…. not even close.

Jim and Barbara Goodmon thru Capitol Broadcasting and their AJ Fletcher Foundation are hard-core Liberal activists hell-bent on bringing down NC’s duly-elected state government. Their hell-bent hatred for 60% of North Carolina’s citizens is growing by the day. That Jim Goodmon has become “North Carolina’s George Soros” is likely a label Jim will proudly answer to.

It is certainly their right to do so. You and your fellow citizens can react accordingly…. or not. But be aware of who and what they are.

Without Goodmon’s overwhelming promotional support (and that of McClatchy newspapers) “Big Bad Bill” Barber would be a wailing street preacher on a Wayne County sidewalk…. instead of a regional faux-celebrity. A Dennis Rodman-esque clown with outrageous demagoguery as his one-trick sideshow act….. but, yes – a graduate of Duke Theological Seminary if that proves “he must be smart” as some purport.

Goodmon went to Duke too in case you were wondering. Neither Barber nor Goodmon are Jewish or “from New Jersey” to counter those stereotypes.

If following the daily antics of Bill Barber is how you wish to spend your day definitely continue monitoring WRAL. If you would rather follow the Kardashians or Miley Cyrus, go to TMZ.

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