Is Bill Barber “Smart”?

September11/ 2013

Reverend William “Big Bad Bill” Barber and I share one mutual friend. This particular confused individual is my friend. As for also him being Barber’s buddy…. why would anyone claim THAT who isn’t?

He is forever campaigning for his good friend Barber on the single platform – “He’s very smart…. really he is.” As if “smart” justifies all forms of human behavior. I’ve never claimed BB wasn’t “smart”. Being a very scary thug with an insidious agenda and being “smart” are not mutually exclusive. Hannibal Lechter was a genius…. and a cannibal. …….

It is common practice in all forms of competition be it politics or sports or romance to “dumb down” your opponent. Because my opponent did not attend my college…. or vote for my candidate then he/she is first and foremost “Dumb”. He/she HAS TO BE dumber than sawdust to not share my opinion of whatever we are competing over.

That opinion strategy is itself quite stoopid…. and very counter-productive to defeating one’s opponent. Underestimating one’s opponent has led to many many upsets on playing fields and voting booths….. and county fair pie-eating contests.

A well-known national political operative once told me “the two ‘smartest’ people I ever encountered in politics are Bill Clinton…. and Newt Gingrich”. He further defined that as their cranial wheels appear to spin faster than everyone elses’. That operative is, himself, considered quite a smart fellow.

Liberals, as you know, value nothing so much as one’s academic “cred”. The pure fallacy of that measuring standard pretty well debunks whatever else to be said on the matter.

Barber got his “Reverend” at Duke Divinity School. (I bet you thought he bought it as ReverendsR’ His undergrad came from NCCentral and some other degree from someplace called Drew University (??) in New Jersey. It’s that one from Duke that automatically gets him his “….. quite smart, really he is”.

My contacts within Duke Univ tell me that Duke Divinity School went on a very heavy Affirmative Action jag about the time Barber would have attended. A number of “Love the Lord…. but Hate White Republicans” matriculated during that time.

I know one Duke-degreed minister of the Caucasian Conservative persuasion who was a classmate of Barber’s. He describes classroom debates as “loud and scary”. One can only imagine.

I won’t challenge Barber’s “smartness”; permitting the very broadest definition of “smart”. Is it memorization of facts and dates – oft referred to as “Jeopardy-smart”? Is it the ability to get others to follow you by overriding their common-sense – aka Jim Jones / Jim & Tammi Bakker-smart? Is it the political cunning to take-over countries – Hitler / Stalin / Castro-smart. Is it simple likability among one’s peers? Is it the ability to win when victory seemed implausible?

Is a rocket scientist “smarter” than a brain surgeon? Is a criminal defense attorney “smarter” than the geek at The Apple Store than can fix my laptop with three keystrokes?

Is Reverend Wm Barber “smarter” than all those bedraggled Carrboro/Asheville hippies and assorted human detritus that break out into “the Wave” yelling “We Hate Republicans” whenever Barber pounds on his pulpit in Halifax Mall? Is being “smarter” than that bunch anything to brag about?

“Smarter than”…. a mob of career guvmint workers? I’d like to see Jeff Foxworthy try to sell that show.

Two campers being chased by an angry grizzly bear…… one turns to the other “do you think we can outrun this bear?” His running mate replies “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I only have to outrun you.”

Does Bill Barber have to “be smart”; or only “smarter than” those he can rev-up to a hate-spewing frenzy? Does it really matter?

Many Cons/Repubs decry both Barber’s and Obama’s “smarts”. Like “turtles on a fencepost”, neither got where he is with out finagling the support of a lot of others. Finagling others requires “smarts”.

OK, Pierce…. what about Joe Biden? He is Obama’s Impeachment / Assassination Insurance. Does it take “smarts” to get to be Veep by parading your stoopidity?

Bill Barber is certainly “smart enough” to coerce and intimidate the local media to grant him 100% freedom to perform his clownish thug act without the slightest threat of their criticism. Granted the local media are no candidates for MENSA keys but Barber has them totally in his over-sized pockets.

Like that bear and the campers….. Bill Barber only needs to be “smart enough” to achieve his objectives….. 100% Liberal Media Support. He is “smart enough” to know how to best utilize his color, his size, his demeanor and his oratorical bombast to be very effective. That big scary black man dressed in a pastoral costume persona seems to work just fine for him.

So….. is Bill Barber “smart”? Yes sirree. He be “smart”. That his opponents continually underestimate him is further testament to his “smarts”.

But I’m still taking my laptop to that skinny little geek at The Apple Store.

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