Aldona vs The Inglourious Media Bas***ds

September09/ 2013

Yo Dr Wos, I know you are “brilliant” and an individual of incredible accomplishments. I know you only draw a $1/year salary (as does Eeeeevil Art Pope) to help PatMcC clean up the Augean Stable mess left by Basnight/Perdue Gang. I have a pretty good idea just what a Gordian Knot of bureaucratic crap those Dumplin’ Democrats left for you in DHHS.

…. but DAMN you got to cure this voter Tone-Deafness you folks in PatMcC’s cabinet have developed.

When you took on “your husband’s guy” for that $200,000 consult fee did you and your advisors (I assume you have some sort of “inner circle”…. if not – create one ASAP) role play “how will this look in a above-the-fold headline or lead story on the 6:00 News?” Did that even cross your mind?

Oh. Is there really an “Estonia”? I thought it was just a fictional place like “Carrboro”.

I’m not saying hiring that guy was “not a good thing” nor that he hasn’t been a big help in shoveling out the mountain of crap you inherited at HHS. I’m sure he has been oodles of help. But damn Aldona….. you had to know how Jim Goodmon’s Inglourious Bas***ds were going to frame it. Not to mention Drescher/Quarles’ Gang.

Jim Goodmon’s what?

Did you see that Brad Pitt movie Inglourious Bas****s. It was about a special unit created in WWII by the Allies specifically “to kill Nazis”. No other military objective…. just “kill all the Nazis you can”.

NOTE: “Inglourious” IS spelled that way in the movie. I know you think the first “u” is wrong. But it IS spelled that way. Now back to the column.

That is what Jim Goodmon has done with Laura Leslie, Mark Binker and 2-3 other journo-hoodlums. Instead of “Nazis” he has instructed them to “kill the character and integrity of each / every high profile Republican you can create dirt on…. do whatever it takes. Take’em all down.” No other military or journalistic objective – just “Kill that Republican administration”.

If you haven’t figured that out yet you’re not as bright as I think you are. Nor is Guv Pat with a few of the gifts he’s handed them.

Did Pat REALLY think those vetoes would score him a single vote from “them”? PUHleeze tell me he’s not that naive.

Now, you can’t do your job if you’re paralyzed 24/7 about how Goodmon or Drescher’s journo-hoodlums are going to deceive, misrepresent and downright lie about whatever you do or don’t do. “The journo-terrorists win” if you do that. But don’t make it so easy for them.

Surely you knew that 95% of the line employees you inherited at DHHS had been hard-wired to despise you and to resist any directives you try to initiate. They were put there through the worst forms of affirmative action, nepotism and cronyism. Had they not been protected by their state employees’ union thugs. you’d been better off to can the lot of’em and rebuiild from scratch. I’m sure you learn that in the first few weeks. Right?

Pat putting his “young guns” in those high-paid executive positions was “manna from McCrory” to the journo-vultures. Whether it was justifiable or not, they were never going to give him the opportunity to justify it.

No…. none of you will ever get a chance for a public rebuttal. And certainly these thugs will NEVER issue a retraction after an obvious lie. The “public” only remembers the first glaring headline. “McCrory Appointee Hires Hubby’s Pal For Mega-Bucks” ….. Ouch.

Goodmon, Drescher/Quarles, and their cronies like “Slick Billy” Barber know their audiences. They ain’t playing to the brightest bulbs on mainstreet. I mean really….. many of their brain-dead disciples don’t even have a valid photo ID.

They can’t drive a car or cash a check…… or even get a cat spayed without a photo ID. About all anyone can do in North Carolina without a valid photo ID is “get an abortion” or “vote”.

Oh, that’s right….. y’all are finally fixing that voting fiasco. Major Kudos on that by the way.

I’ve checked up on you and the other PatMcC staffers. You’re “good people”. You have the best interests of the vast majority of this state’s citizens in your heart and mind. Hell Aldona, I know that. But Doc….. you gotta correct this “tone-deafness” before the journo-thugs completely under cut your ability to do anything.

The journo-thugs ain’t all that bright either….. hired-on-the-cheap tabloidists who do whatever they are told. Ruthless yes; but, no more than a click or two smarter than their audiences.

Never Never allow the Inglourious Media Bas***ds to get you down. Don’t let the journo-terrorists win. But don’t underestimate their ruthlessness. “Truth” isn’t enough in combating them. Truth never stops their ilk.

Whatever you do….. DO NOT think you can win them over by being pleasant and accommodating. Have you ever seen a trained spider act in a circus? No, because spiders and snakes can’t be tamed. Neither can journo-hoodlums. Unless, of course, you want to become a liberal.

In that case they will cover any oops you make and praise you to the highest…. but that’s a column for another day.

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