I Really Like Art Pope. I bet a lot of you do too!

August05/ 2013

Plotthound has a lead story about a terminally angry atheist liberal beseeching “rich liberals” to “buy a state”….. like Art Pope “bought North Carolina”. Hatin’ Art Pope must be a religion with that crowd! It is such a reoccurring theme among terminally angry liberals and their terminally angry media stooges.

Hey Bill Maher “go suck an egg”. I Like Art Pope and I Agree With Art Pope….. and at least 65+% of “the people of North Carolina” apparently do too. So there!

The three most popular occupations for NC Liberals:
* Running an abortion mill
* Growing marijuana
* Hating Art Pope ….. it’s a entire cottage industry for those creeps.

I only know Art Pope if meeting someone at a few civic events over the years and having a few minutes of polite conversation equals “knowing”. We don’t “friend” or “follow” each other on social media if THAT is the 2013 definition of “knowing one another”….. we do, of course, share the same initials – AP.

The first time I met Art Pope I was a dinner guest of N&O Editor John Drescher. (Don’t ask. It was all quite surreal). Upfront, I asked Art “Is your first name really “Evil”. He asked why I thought that. I said “because Drescher’s newspaper always calls you Evil Art Pope”. Then the evening got kinda silly…..

Art Pope and I also share a common bond….. we have the same enemies. Art Pope has a whole lot more of’em of course. I do envy him being the target of such toxic vitriol 24/7 by those terminally angries always lurking and loathing in the liberal weeds.

The New York Times “hates Art Pope”. Damn, I am soooo jealous. How cool must it be to be hated by the NYT. Thats McClatchy On Steroids.

What Liberals Hate the most = What Liberals Fear the most.

Art Pope and I also share lifelong conservative values about America and about North Carolina and about self-reliance and personal accountability and about empowering others….. NOT shackling them forever to an entitlement plantation.

Yes Siree…. I Like Art Pope.

When Acid Reflux poster children like Maher and his local ilk like Chris Fitzsimons et al vent their spleens about “Art Pope runs North Carolina AGAINST the will of “the people”, I always think “not against the will of this people”.

When the regional media weasels (McClatchy, WRAL, etc) drone on with their effusive tub-thumping for Bill Barber’s Cavalcade of Constipated Crazies telling whoever will listen that a few thousand mangy malcontents being led around by the nose by a pulpit-pounding demagogue represents “the people”….. I always think “not me…. and not the ‘people’ I identify with.

Ergo… there must be more than one set of “people” from Murphy To Manteo. 65% of’em voted for the marriage amendment. 65% of’em overwhelmingly voted to fumigate the General Assembly AND The Governor’s Mansion from decades of Democratic infestation.

That 65% and I apparently “don’t count” when the liberal media count “the people”. How come dat ?

Art Pope had one vote and, I’m pretty sure, a valid photo ID. I’m going to assume his ballot and my ballot and a WHOLE LOT of “you peoples” ballots looked a lot alike. I also have a valid photo ID. You regular visitors here probably do too.

Just like every ballot cast by Barber’s Constipated Crazies (many without valid IDs) looked a lot alike but NOT like mine…. and every ballot cast by the handful of McClatchyites still employed looked a lot alike…. and Jim Goodmon and his angry little band of dumpster-divers.

Significantly more ballots looked like mine and Art Pope’s (and yours?) than looked like theirs. So significantly more that even Public Policy Polling would reluctantly agree…. but probably not Rob RielleWho.

Actually Art Pope and Jim Goodmon kinda look alike…. about the same age and same hair style. But THEY SURE DON’T think alike. Is Jim Goodmon’s first name “Evil”?

How come you never read or hear how “Jim Goodmon (thru his AJ Fletcher Foundation) tries to buy North Carolina”? Or those deep-pocketed anarchists at Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation who generously fund every ragtag radical cell imaginable.

I’ll tell you why….. drumroll please…. because you are relying on their media stooges to not tell you. You know better, or you SHOULD know better, but some of you still fall for it. Why do you do that?

Art Pope might not like me suggesting this…. but why don’t you call (or email) the John Locke Foundation or Civitas Institute and tell’em:

Please tell Art Pope that I like him…. and I thank him for actively advancing the principles and politics that he and I share.

Those of us who are in the trenches each day slugging it out against “those other people” (aka the 35%) do it because we believe it is important.

OK…. personally, I love to hear the grinding of their pointy teeth and love to see their beady little eyes bug out as their constipation levels skyrocket. But that’s just me. I’m sure Art Pope is much more benevolent in his approach.

So…. Thank you Art Pope for all you do. I like you Art.

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