The Race race has no finish line…..

August03/ 2013

If you came here looking for a column about area liberal gadfly DG Martin and N-words, I removed it after only a few hours. Why I removed it is itself a subject worth discussion. So let’s……

The original criticism of DG Martin recently implying a comparison of the McCrory administration to architects of Nazi Germany (see Link) was based on it having being made on-air on his WUNC-TV PBS show. Wrong….. It was made in a column he syndicates that does NOT involve tax-supported media.

From what I know of DG Martin, I would have expected him to stay above any oblique Nazi inference regardless of the media venue. That’s more the style of the hard-core bottom-feeders. Regardless, I don’t much care what DG Martin says / writes on commercial and/or “free range” media. Hopefully he doesn’t much care what I say in similar venues.


Last week was YET ANOTHER “mole hill into mountain” exercise for the Lets Have A National Race War crowd. There will be another….. and another….. and another ad infinitum until the “commancheros” in the national media, and the race industry, achieve their objective. Nothing I can say here will prevent it. I’m just laying the groundwork for the small satisfaction from my “I told you so” when America Burns.

An NFL white jock was drunk at a Kenny Chesney concert and N-worded a black security guard. Security guards at concerts get called almost as many names as “the door guy” at this week’s celebrity In-club.

I worked security at a Paul McCartney “Wings” concert at The Carter a few decades ago. I also did “it” for a Beach Boys gig in Dallas years before that. It rained at Wings. I got propositioned at the Beach Boys gig. Aaaahhh…… “misty water-colored memories of……”. Wonder what happened to those t-shirts ???

IF….. this most recent N-worder had been overtly “making a statement” OR if he had been a legitimate A or even B-list celebrity; then maybe it’s a small local story at best. He was a drunk jock talking thru his beer. Alas, he got “cell phone camered” and VOILA “Riley” became the most talked about “Cooper” since Gary and Alice. Ain’t technology 2013 grand?

This is not the bazillionent (?) debate about the N-word. Debates about “the N-word” trail only debates about Black History Month in inanity and quantity. Debates about “the ‘real’ causes of The Civil War” runs 3rd in that unholy triad. Yawn and yawn again and again.

45 years after the CRA and a drunk goober saying the N-word to a bouncer “Stops The Presses”. I once asked a life-long black activist of my same age – “What would you do differently over the past 45 years to have produced more progress in America’s race relations than has obviously been made?” He looked at me with a “Gee, I’ve never thought about that.” ……. Duh!

Race Relations in America is not a journey. It is a permanent “is”. Far too many people are heavily invested in the process for anyone to actually want results or, heaven forbid, a resolution. A black POTUS mighta made a positive giant step towards a resolution but that was never his intent. Nor the intent of his local acolyte Bill Barber.

Resolving America’s Race Issues….. a cure for the common cold….. and a carburetor that permits 75 mpg might all exist in a secret bunker deep in The Rockies but we’ll never see any of’em. Again, way too many people and organizations are invested in never solving these problems to ever solve them…… only 50% of all conspiracy theories are bogus!

Ergo…. “the media” knee jerks big time when a drunk jock mouths off to a security guard.

I “get” the whole Trayvon / Zimmerman thing. I figured Zimmerman would be “taking the needle”….. “meeting Old Sparky”…. or “swinging from a white oak tree”(like Tom Dooley) by now. But regardless there would be all the usual hyperbolic photo ops artfully orchestrated by them what always do what they do.

We’re not going to legislate drunks or druggies doing stupid crap. Ya can’t fix stupid. I never heard of Riley Cooper a week ago. All reports I’ve read, he seems like a decent guy with no history of stoopid behavior. Don’t confuse him with “that other” receiver that also played for Urban Meyer at Florida.

Now Riley Cooper is a punch line. Whatever happened to Kato Kaelin? When will Trayvon’s gen-u-ine hoot of a girlfriend be on The Bachelorette…. maybe Jerry Springer’s co-host??

“Media firestorms” are as guarantee-able as Malibu brush fires, Midwest tornados, and Eastern Seaboard hurricanes. Sure….. newspaper editors and TV/ESPN news producers COULD develop a smidgen of integrity and common-sense but why should they?

They will stop creating these mountains from molehills just as soon as Pogo Possum, Albert Alligator and the collectively ubiquitous “we” stop salivating every time they do it.

“The media” and “the porn industry”…… simply meeting their markets’ demands.

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