But, “this” is different. Damn right it’s different.

August03/ 2013

If I was a betting man, I know where I would place my bet; but, lets just watch and see – How “the media” covers the shooting tragedy in Oklahoma. Compared to their self-righteous 24/7 zeal covering TRAYVON-o-mania …….

This one happened in a far-away place called Duncan, Oklahoma. Oklahoma ??? Isn’t that some Godforsaken dust-bowl in fly-over country? Will Rogers and Boomer Sooner football is all there is. Who’s Will Rogers?

….. Just some random happening out there in no-where country of no interest to readers / viewers in our market. Some Australian kid got shot….. yawn. Probably some tea party redneck at a rodeo. Gasp…. not another rodeo story ! Our editors / news producers rejected that insignificant story as just some random incident in some place our audience has no interest in blah, blah, blah.

…..Some random place like Sanford Florida. Some random incident where a security guard shoots a teen gangsta during a scuffle. Why would that create any ripples beyond 25 miles of wherever “Sanford Florida” is ? Why indeed.

What the heck are you talking about Pierce?

You haven’t heard anything about the baseball player killed by three kids who “were bored” and looking for something to do? It’s been 48 hours since this went out on the national / global wire.

But… but…. but AgentPierce. This one is DIFFERENT.

You’re damn right “this one is different”.

A young man named Christopher Lane was jogging along a residential street in Duncan, Oklahoma and these three teen thugs drove by and killed him. Maybe Australians don’t count ?

Christopher Lane was not (1) wearing a hoodie; nor was he (2) “just going to the store for some Skittles”. He was jogging along a residential street in Duncan, Oklahoma.

This picture of Christopher Lane is a recent one. It is not a picture of a cute 12 year-old purposely used to misrepresent who he is before he was shot down in cold blood. Oh….. and Christopher Lane does NOT have a “rap sheet” of vandalism and assorted misdemeanors like “you know who” did.

WHOA….. Christopher Lane IS WHITE !! By golly, you’re right!

Oh….. and here are the mug shots of the three teen-thugs who killed him because they were bored. Maybe McClatchy’s infamous “do-rag rule” is in effect? Nope, they aren’t wearing do-rags.

WHOA AgentPierce….. these teen thugs are ________ !

Shhhh, yes, they are; but you better not say it. Not politically correct to mention it, don’t you know.

Here’s the link….. just in case the local media in your market hasn’t chosen to give this much, if ANY, play.

CLICK: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/08/21/police-say-teen-shot-australian-student-in-oklahoma-for-fun-it/

If you haven’t seen or heard much if anything about this; you might contact the Editor of your local newspaper….. or the News Director at your local network affiliate. …. the ones who ran Trayvon – Trayvon – Trayvon 24/7 for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Wonder if Christopher Lane looks like “a son that Obama never had”?
Wonder if there will be orchestrated street riots?
Wonder if there will be NATIONAL OUTRAGE over this?

Are there t-shirts yet decrying this tragedy?
Is CNN and MSNBC doing marathon coverage of this like they did with “you know who”?

Does Al Sharpton give a flip?
Does Bill Barber much care?
Does N&O Publisher Orage Quarles care?
Does Jim Goodmon care?
So far, …… just “crickets”.

IF they cover this at all, watch how extensively and from what perspective.
Wanna bet they make it “a GUN CONTROL issue” ……

Let’s see….
If a white shoots a black ….. it’s RACIST
If a black shoots a white …… it’s The NRA’s fault.
Ergo blacks are NEVER held accountable regardless.
….. must be another one of those Kunte Kinte Rules, huh?.

The race of victim and shooter is ONLY “an issue” when its, well, you know when.

I dare you to contact any of these area “media executives”. Ask’em why “this one is different”.

Jim Goodmon…. (800) 532-5343
Orage Quarles…. 800-522-4205
John Drescher…. 800-522-4205

FWIW….. Jesse Jackson’s official comment was: “This senseless violence is frowned upon.”

Some Australian politician is calling for his fellow Aussies to boycott America as a tourism destination. If their travels include “that one section of Derm’s Tobacco Trail” I heartily concur with his suggestion.

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