July27/ 2013

A Very Loud and Enthusiastic BRAVO to PatMc, Dan, Thom, Phil and the unsung Conservative Warriors of the NC General Assembly. Never in the long history of the State of North Carolina have duly-elected public officials been subjected to such a 24/7 fusillade of toxic bull**** by regional media weasels, race-ranting demagogues and low information leeming….. and emerged so triumphant.

The NC General Assembly Republicans ROCK!…..
Great Job Guys and Gals! Huzza – Huzza!……..

The Republican MAJORITY of the NC General Assembly was duly-elected over the past four years by A SIGNIFICANT MAJORITY of the citizens of North Carolina. In many cases, their election was by a landslide. You might never know that if your source of “news” (wink, wink, giggle, giggle) was restricted to anything McClatchy or Jim Goodmon owns as well as whatever owns the Greensboro News&Record this week. Truth CAN defeat liberal media lies.

I haven’t always agreed with every bill or every strategy that the Republican MAJORITY have proposed or initiated….. nor should this state be governed by my opinion….. but, by golly, what this MAJORITY Legislature have produced absolutely DOES reflect the general opinions of the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Citizens of North Carolina. All of whom, coincidentally, have a valid photo ID!

As the “long session” closes and legislators return home to their families and primary occupations, I, AgentPierce, offer a well-deserved THANK YOU to those gallant men & women. Gallant public officials who refused to be intimidated by the afore-mentioned print and electronic media weasels fronting for the asinine antics of Bill “Jeremiah Jr” Barber and his motley mangy mini-mobs of socio-cultural misfits, pathetic malcontents and human detritus. ….. and several hundred frightening examples of how Janice Joplin would look if she had lived to be 70.

Refusing to cower to the absurdities, obscenities, profanities and outrageous raging rants of Barber and his media cohorts; our representatives and senators stayed true to their course….. cleaning out the Augean Stables of decades of rampant over-spending, nepotism, cronyism, and “typical liberal crap” that had gone on un-checked by that same gang of media weasels. “…… gone on for decades unchecked by a sycophant media.”

Great news….. McClatchy Corp (who own the ragtag remnants of The N&O and Charlotte Observer) reported record levels of revenue losses for this past quarter. Their net revenues are $15,000,000 less what they were a year ago for the same quarter. YIPPEE! Their vaunted on-line “Pay Wall” plan which was suppose to stop the bleeding has blown a tire just like previously unsuccessful “stop the bleeding” plans have done. When The N&O “brags about” 3,000 new on-line subscribers in the past 90- days you know how sad their plight has become. I get more readers than THAT….. and I don’t have to force furlough half my staff every month.

For McClatchy to brag about “only losing X millions this past quarter” is akin to the Captain of the Titanic bragging about their midnight buffet on the Lido Deck after they plowed into the ice berg. Stick a fork in it Orage & John.

Their dying newspaper is as relevant as a floppy disc and a phone booth. As soon as their few remaining independent subscribers learn there are other ways to stay abreast of obituaries, they can further reduce the paper to a post card and hand deliver’em to every hard-core limo-liberal “inside-the-beltline”.

Jim Goodmon (aka “The Tar Heel George Soros”) can / will continue to dig into A.J. Fletcher’s Trust Fund to subsidize every screwball radical liberal cause that crawls up on his doorstep. Keep his journo-assassins Laura Leslie, Binky, Fitzsimons et al on his payroll to dive in every Repub dumpster and/or just make-up libelous crap. When Greg The Weather-guy is the only one any one “trusts” you know their act is getting old.

How long before Jim out-right hires Bill Barber as WRAL’s in-house demagogue? Is there even one lib-loonie miscreancy in North Carolina NOT currently being financially kept afloat by Jim Goodmon? If so, please contact the AJ Fletcher Foundation ASAP for a bunch o’ Jim’s bucks.

Want a nice alternative to Goodmon’s Gang? Try News14.

For the past six months, the regional media weasels have ranted and raged and editorialized their vitriol and venom until their eyes bugged out….. and the Republican MAJORITY stood firm.

A two-bit sideshow orchestrated by a silly self-righteous faux-pentacostal pulpit-pounding flimflammer turned into nothing but a weekly hootin‘n hatin-fest for a bunch of terminally constipated antique flower-children from the wilds of Carrboro (and Haight-Asheville…. aka Carrboro West) and “a job fair for lesbian ministers” …. and the Republican MAJORITY stood firm.

Remember…… “fewer humans attended Barber’s Monday Hate-o-thons than you will find in your local mall’s food court on any given Tuesday”…… “fewer by half than attend any Garner High School football game”…… “fewer by 500 than turned out to see an NC State Women’s basketball game”…… ouch….. ouch….. and ouch!

Pat McCrory…. Dan Forrest…. Thom Tillis…. Phil Berger…. Ruth Samuelson…. Tom Apodaca….. Thom Goolsby…. Marilyn Avila….. Neal Hunt…. Tamara Barringer…. Mike Speciale…. Chad Barefoot, and all the rest of the gallant warriors of The Republican MAJORITY did exactly what the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of NC citizens elected them to do.

They Stood Firm and They Prevailed:
…. against the slanderous lies of the media weasels.
…. against the HeeHawings of self-righteous demagogues.
…. against the mangy malcontents, misfits and human detritus and
nine guilt-ridden members of Carolina Country Club’s Thursday Bridge League.

Thank you!

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