Reparational Journalism Exposed Again

June30/ 2013

Once Again…. the local liberal media has been exposed as nothing more than Bill Barber’s Publicity Dept. It is much deeper than that. Civitas Institute has once AGAIN done the basic research and reporting that some of you naïvely believe the local newspaper and CBS affiliate do.

Civitas Institute has released a heavily researched and documented comprehensive report on where Reverend Bill Barber gets his operating $$$$. How many tax-payers $$$$ finance Barber’s sideshows. Which corporations are extorted for $$$$. Which deep-pocketed “foundations” funnel mega $$$$ to The Reverend.

Civitas Report ….. CLICK

Every piece of Civitas’ research was obtained thru public records easily accessed by any competent print / TV reporter…… THAT WANTED TO FIND IT.

The local newspaper is so financially-imperiled and such a bare-bones operation that it’s newsroom is a news closet. There are not enough reporters left to field a softball team much less research a story. The Charlotte Observer simply reprints N&O half-baked stories.

Traveling to “cover a story” is now limited to the three blocks from its half-empty offices to Halifax Mall where Barber marshalls his motley minions each Monday.

Research 2013 means poaching from incendiary websites run by far left-wing cyber suicide-bombers such as Gerrick Brenner and Sean Kosofsky. Research for N&O sportswriters has long meant clicking on PackPride or InsideCarolina.

The current batch of local print and/or TV reporters have no clue what “develop a story” means. Heck, I’m more of a “journalist” than they are and I’m “just a guy with a website”.

The truth is, even in its halcyon days of printing money 10-20 years ago, McClatchy / N&O would never, on its own, report any “negative” story involving the black community or any high profile black scam artist. Every faction in our society has its shysters and con artists….. including the black community.

This highly-selective Reparational Journalism has been a gross insult to the black community. A gross insult to all black politicians and black community leaders.

I coined the term Reparational Journalism. Many media enterprises around the country, including the failing McCatchy Corp, feeling great angst over the horrors of slavery, decided to dole out its own guilt-driven “reparations”, by simply ignoring any/all negative news coming out of the black community.

Before you start quoting the scandals of Mary McAllister or Frank Ballance et al I said “broke the story”. Yes, the N&O has reported (albeit with extreme reluctance) when black leaders have been exposed for all manner of illegal shenanigans….. but in every case the research and initial “breaking” of those stories was done by non-mainstream media. In many of those cases locally it was Don Carrington with The Carolina Journal.

Don Carrington is my friend and a valued friend to every citizen of North Carolina that desires to know “The Truth” about your public officials. Every source Don Carrington has ever used was available to the local print / TV media. But they chose NOT to investigate….. NOT to report….. hoping you would NOT learn.

These pseudo-journalism enterprises go to the extreme to protect all black politicians and black business/community celeb-thugs. This same protection is extended to prominent Democratic politicians too.

Mary Easley Scandal….. Don Carrington broke that one.

John Edwards’ Decadent “Rock Star” Estate……. Another Don Carrington.

NCDem Staff Sex Scandal…… Nope, despite N&O reporters being on first-name basis with every staffer in the place they were all Sgt Schultz’ “We knew nothing……”

My fave is The Do-Rag Rule. The notorious Linda Williams created that gem. News Editor Linda decided The N&O would no longer identify criminal suspects by skin color/ethnicity. An all-black Duke frat (which the N&O, of course, did NOT report) had a sexual assault incident. The suspect was described in detail by The N&O except for the pertinent detail of his color/ethnicity EXCEPT that he was “wearing a do-rag”. Allowing that he could have been either a pirate or a gypsy…. he was, indeed, a local Durham black gangbanga.

The most notorious instances were Duke Lacrosse and John & Reille.

The N&O’s coverage of Duke Lacrosse has become a “How Not To” case study in every J-School on Earth. “Honor student and single mother of two…..” became a punch line for the ultimate in journalistic fraud and deceit. Six years later they have never apologized.

With its award-winning political newshound Robbie Christensen IMBEDDED in the freakin’ campaign, The N&O was the very last media entity on the planet to report John & Reille’s shenanigans….. by two freakin’ weeks.

I dredge up all that old dirty laundry to explain why you will never read a discouraging word about Reverend Bill Barber in The N&O or on WRAL. You will never read a discouraging word about ANY black politician or celebrity in The N&O or WRAL. You will get more objective coverage in Cash Michael’s Carolinian.

To imply that the black community HAS TO BE afforded such “protection” is a humongous insult to every member of the black community. When “the media” protects the guilty they cheapen the accomplishments of the many hard-working honest upstanding members of the black community.

The Insidious Bigotry of Low Expectations….. in which cartoonish characters like Barber are given totally undeserved “credibility” by sycophant reporters. Barber is simply the New Millenium’s manifestation of George “Kingfish” Stevens and Redd Foxx’s Fred Sanford.

Ron Burgundy or Ted Baxter would report on Barber with less hypocrisy than what has been ordered up by local media moguls.

McClatchy and Capitol Broadcasting do not believe the black community is strong enough or capable enough to heal itself when its warts and weasels are exposed. What an insult!

Barber’s Monday minstrel show is totally dependent on “the local media” having his back 24/7. They do, so he flims and flams with full media immunity..

This current revelation from Civitas about Barber’s organization is not as much an indictment of Barber and the NCNAACP as it is “the local mainstream media” – McClatchy & Capitol Broadcasting (and Greensboro’s N&R) in particular for intentionally keeping that news from you – the citizens of this state.

They will continue to practice Reparational Journalism and The Insidious Bigotry of Low Expectations. But now you know what it’s called.

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