A Day in the Life of a Toady…..

June18/ 2013

With The Goodmons co-sponsoring Reverend Billy’s Hoot&Hate-Fest, its only natural Jim would have his Hey Boy Mark “Binky” Binker in permanent Ready mode to assist Reverend Billy. This week Binky’s assignment was collecting demographic data from Billy’s rabble……

The scene is the sidewalk outside the NC General Assembly late Monday afternoon. A bunch of goggle-eyed goobers are milling about waiting for Reverend Billy’s weekly Fire Republicans & Brimstone sermon.

Binky rides up on his skateboard and approaches a gaggle of Barber-ians in a rusted-out VW bus.

Hi. I’m “Binky”. I am Jim Goodmon’s #1 “Hey Boy”. Can I ask you’ans a few questions?

What’s a Hey Boy?

I do whatever Mr Goodmon tells me to do. He yells “Hey Boy” and I hop to it.

So, a Hey Boy is the same as “a toady”?

I prefer Ace Reporter but Ms Leslie gets to be that. OK, I’m his toady; now can I ask you a question?

Sure toady. Ask away.

Where do you live?

In this rusted-out VW bus.

Is that in North Carolina?

It is right now, sure.

I’m gonna count that as a Yes.

Are you clergy?

Whats a clergy?

Another Yes….

Have you EVER voted for a Republican in your entire life?

No way dude…. but my old lady once had sex with a roadie with Motley Crue.

Close enough…. a No.

Do you think Thom Tillis or Art Pope is the Most Eeeeevil Person on Earth?

Are they with Motley Crue?

Again…. close enough. Thank you for your time.

Hey toadie…. does being Jim Goodmon’s toadie pay good?

Not especially….but I do get to give Ms Leslie foot massages.

Cooool. Wanna buy some magic mushrooms?

So ends another Monday in Binky’s World.
Tune in next week when Binky scrounges around in Phil Berger’s compost bin.

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