Hey June, Here’s a better idea….

June17/ 2013

NC Supt of Public Instruction – June Atkinson(D) – blathered a pandering proposal today. Supt June, a close buddy of ex-Governor-ette Dumplin’, proposes NC public school teachers be exempt from income tax, With due respect to the “real dedicated teachers” (and there are still a few around) that would benefit, I offer a counter proposal to Juney’s…….

NOTE: I said June is a close pal of “One & Done Dumplin””. “Close” ??? Those gals could be identical twins. Note the very same hairdo AND that same “dim-witted deer in the headlights” expression.

I would be willing to second June’s silly pandering proposal IF amended thusly:

• All NC public school teachers (who can prove they voted for Pat McCrory AND Mitt Romney and DO NOT subscribe to The N&O) get the tax exemption. Also…..
• Every NC household who opt to home-school and/or choose private schooling also get the tax exemption.

To replace the loss of tax revenue, lets immediately abolish the tax-exempt status for any “religious organization” that actively engages in partisan political activity…. which is supposedly already a law.

To start that list, we’ll collect business cards from every member of “the clergy” (of all sexual preferences) that are front & center at Reverend Billy’s Monday Hoot & Hate-fest Sponsored by The N&O and WRAL.

When Reverend Bill heard about Juney’s idea he immediately wanted to include all of his disciples / mob-members….. until someone informed Bill that his gang doesn’t currently pay any taxes.

“Nevermind” replied the rabble-rousing rev.

Speaking of Rev Bill….. apparenty “Black is Not Beautiful” when it comes to Bill’s Monday Mobs. Bill, at the advice of his PR consultants, has opted for an Almost All-White Mob…. except , of course, for his personal posse of bodyguards and “hold-him-uppers”.

Here is Supt Atkinson’s whizbang idea…..

Exempt teachers from income tax, says NCState Supt. Atkinson
Submitted by lynnbonner on 2013-06-17 13:10
Tags: Under the Dome

State Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson said Monday she will recommend teachers be exempted from paying income taxes.

The tax exemption for charter school and traditional public school teachers would cost the state $300 million, according to her figures.

The House and Senate budget proposals do not include raises for teachers or state employees. Atkinson said she would not be making the recommendation if the legislature had provided for raises.

The House and Senate will negotiate changes in the state tax code this week. No proposal has included an income tax exemption for teachers.

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