AAT: Patrick Ewing and “da Klan”

June14/ 2013

Did ya see where Basketballer Patrick Ewing was all set to attend UNC in 1981 but was “scared off” by a news article about “da Klan”….. so he went to Georgetown. ???

Patrick…. I’ll betcha a pair of Air Jordans shoelaces that, over the past 30 years, there have been a lot more AfAms murdered in “DC” than in NC.

And….. The Bloods & The Crips have a LOT more “kills” than all those bubbas in bedsheets.

You musta been listening to that old rascal BELO. He blames “da Klan” for that tsunami in Japan and the melting polar icecap. “Da Klan” is/was an awful bunch of quite sick folks motivated by hate and stupidity. “Sick folks motivated by hate and stupidity” is not limited to rednecks in bedsheets.


More in-fighting among Repubs on Jones Street…. Sen Bob Rucho (R-Mecklnbg) is having a hizzy fit and threatening to “take my vote and go home” unless he gets “his way” in budget negotiations. Whatever Bob. In-fighting is part of politics. If Phil Berger can’t keep’em in line thats Phil’s problem.

Maybe we need “a penalty box” in the Senate chamber. When they drop the gloves… they go to the cooler.


As BobLee noted…. the dust-up between NC State’s Debbie “Frau” Yow and The Hurricanes over playing dates is yet ANOTHER example of “kindergarten sand-box diplomacy”.

There is genocide, cancer and alzheimers going on in this world…. and these goobers are arguing about “who plays on Tuesday”.

Lock Frau Yow and Jim Rutherford in a very small closet together. Shut off the A/C and don’t give’em a restroom break. Problem resolved within two hours.


My invite to the next Lallapalooza Festival must still be “in the mail”. ….. sigh!

Hey! I just cut a deal with the IRS. Every Conservative Repub who bookmarks Plott Hound gets a pass on those IRS harassment audits…. but you gotta do it TODAY!

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