I’m Confused…..

June13/ 2013

I’m confused !!….. an admission that will delight all you goggle-eyed spittle-spewing left-wingtypes. A recent comment of mine ignited a cyber firestorm “on the Left”. I am going to a prominent member of the left wing media for edification…..

TO: CapitalBureau Chief
Goodmon News(?) & Salacious Disinformation Corp.
Raleigh NC

FROM: AgentPierce aka “Just a guy with a website”
DATE: June 13, 2013

Hi! I have a quandary and need your expertise. I know how busy you folks are these days promoting Bill Barber’s Weekly Hootin’&Hatin’-fests. You and your junior sidekick “Binky” are churnin’ out the B-roll. Jim must be pleased as punch with your diligence.

Hey…..has Jim considered having himself arrested? Jim Goodmon doing the Jones Street perp walk….. Film at 11 oughta draw a few extra viewers. Maybe wait til sweeps week, huh?

I digress. In a recent widely-read commentary I wrote:

(Bill Barber’s latest Monday Mob) looked more like a Job Fair for lesbian ministers.

Well, slap me silly and call me Sadie! That sentence tripped a sensor with the LGBT Anti-Defamation Society. The weekly snarky threats and “see what that idiot AgentPierce said…” Internet meter spiked thru the roof.

Personally, I don’t pay much attention to who “does it” with who or what.

I haven’t gotten the far-left gang so stirred up since I asked “Is Orage Quarles A Space Alien?” The Space Alien Anti-Defamation League vehemently denied that one. Methinks they protested too much. What Earthling names a kid “Orage”?

I’m gonna assume it was …..lesbian ministers that set off the furor. How come that upset anyone?

I thought it was en vogue for the homosexual community to be LOUD & PROUD. That NBA guy, that tall gal from Baylor, …. et al.

According to the media, at the rate folks are “coming out”, by 2016 there won’t be enough of us Heteros left to field a softball team !! That oughta cure the over-population crisis.

I have THE Worst Gay-dar on Earth. Liberace was Gay? Who’s next….. Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen Degeneris, that tall chick on Glee? Pastor Petty at Pullen Memorial ? Three outta four folks at Weaver Street Market on any given Saturday? Whats the big deal?

Don’t they want everyone to know? Why is my noting that there certainly seemed to be a lot of lesbian ministers at Barber’s Rage-o-thons of concern?

Not all lesbians are ministers and not all ministers are lesbians. Mine’s not. My minister I mean. I don’t have a “my lesbian”. But, I do watch Modern Family.

Certainly not all of Rev Bill’s disciples are lesbians. You gotcha old hippies from Carrboro and Bill’s 300-400 regulars from Chavis Heights. And the SEIU thugs are coming.

Was I incorrect that every lesbian clergy-person within 50 miles of Jones Street was ahootin’ and ahatin on Monday? Don’t they want “credit”? Aren’t their congregations proud? Serious question.

Speaking of “coming out”…. to his credit, Jim Goodmon “came out” as a fire-breathng uber-Liberal (of the “Limo” variety) several years ago. No secret about that. I disagree 100% with his politics but respect him lots more than I do those journo-weasels at McClatchey.

I am confused on why it was so wrong for Billy Graham to express Conservative opinions last summer….. but now its so wonderful for “Reverend” Barber and “so many clergy” to be hootin’ & hatin’? Ask Jim about that.

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