Reverend Bill – “The Raleigh Commanchero”

June06/ 2013

Come on…. are you really surprised to learn that Reverend Billy’s Traveling Mob is now importing full-time agitators and union thugs? News that the SEIU union thugs are now part of the Monday Jones Street gaggle of Barber-ians and Carrboro old hippies was the plan all along….. and NOT REPORTED by McClatchy weasels or Jim Goodmon’s creepy crawlies. ……

That Barber’s local media stooges are reporting exactly what was agreed to is no surprise….. and no amount of indignation from the public will change that. McClatchy (The N&O) and Goodmon’s bunch (WRAL-TV5) are as committed to civil disruption and public hate-mongering as Barber is.

Heck, you can include Greensboro’s News&Record to that list of Barber-sycophants. The N&R is as ethically corrupt as McClatchy’s papers (and as financially imperiled too).

Baghdad Bob reporting Saddam Hussein’s victory over the Great Satan was amateurish compared to the journo-weasels covering these weekly hate-fests.

One aspect you may have missed is what I call “getting the Injuns likkered up on firewater”. Recall those John Ford / John Wayne westerns in the 60s. They were always set in Monument Valley in Southern Utah.

These movies all built up to the big battle when the “injuns” attacked the cavalry fort. The cavalry was better equipped and better trained (and had John Wayne on their side !!) so these attacks were basically suicide Kamikaze missions. No Indian in his right mind would attempt such. So their minds were messed up before the attack.

“Commancheros” were half-breeds who supplied guns to the Indians….. guns AND firewater (rot-gut whiskey). The night before the big attack the Commancheros would get the Indians likkered up with high-octane “courage-in-a-bottle” and the occasional peyote leaves. Appropriately fueled, the redskins whopped and hollered and rode to their death.

The consequences are much much less severe for Bill Barber’s “tribe” in this current foolishness. But Rev Billy is using the same pre-game tactics.

He picks out a local church as a gathering place each Monday and takes to the pulpit to hoot & holler and rev-up his minions with whatever manner of hyperbolic exaggerated rhetorical hate-imagery that he can spew out.

Last week he compared Voter ID to “crucifixion” of blacks and the poor and I suppose old Carrboro hippies too.

Compare his over-the-top inflammatory BullS*** to: ………. Hitler in Munich. OR…. Ayatollah Khomeini in a Teheran Mosque

A real piece o’ work – Reverend Bill Barber….. “media darling”. Say and do whatever you want to Bill and we (McClatchy and Goodmon) will run interference for you every step of the way.

If Bill Barber decides to firebomb the NC General Assembly….. Jim Goodmon will bring the marshmallows and Orage Quarles will bring the weiners. THAT is how much they despise everyone who does not agree with their political point-of-view. How much these three men despise 95% of the people reading this column. And over 50+ of the citizens of North Carolina.

But AgentPierce…. I saw a picture in The N&O / a newsclip on WRAL that showed a nice “normal-looking white lady/man/child” explaining how EEEEEvil all the Republicans are etc etc etc.

Yes, I’m sure you did. Barber is no fool. That “normal-looking white ….” was carefully selected for that sound bite. The media knew exactly who to go to and what he/she would say.

Barber is no fool….. Barber IS a two-bit carny hustler who, to his credit, knows what buttons to push on his brain-dead minions. Jim Jones…. Charles Manson…. David Koresh….. Castro all knew their audience. Every self-appointed tin horn demagogue uses the same tactics. Ramp up the rhetoric and watch the zombies march.

A yellow dog Democrat acquaintance of mine participated in a recent Barber Hoot – Hate ‘n Arrest-Fest. He describes Barber as “the smartest and least emotional person I know”. Almost exactly how Squeaky Fromme described Charles Manson.

Such fawning infatuation for a local yokel demagogue…. wonder how weak his knees would get around The Chosen One – BHO ?

Barber is building his mob each week by following a simple choreographed plan. He started with his usual “busload of blacks” whose only job is to show up for Bill’s little shows. They know all the old civil rights chants and sway and react in a Pavlovian manner to every Barber command.

Then he added “the old Carrboro hippies” who have been fermenting on the far side of Franklin Street for forty years allowing for the occasional love-in or peace-march when they weren’t too stoned to get off their futons in the commune.

The Carrboro clowns, along with a few dozen “local Pullen People” added the requisite ethnic mix that Barber’s media stooges can exploit. Can’t have the photo op showing “all black” you know.

Now Bill is importing the pros – the SEIU Thugs. These little darlings (remember Wisconsin?) will ratchet up the violence, obscenities and public defecation….. which will be carefully edited from the WRAL B-roll.

Its going to get nasty on Jones Street when these mercenary knee-breakers pile off the bus. The plan is that the SEIU thugs will provoke the local LEOs into more physical restraining resulting in the bloody race riots The N&O encouraged in Duke Lacrosse.

Bill Barber does what he does and he’s pretty good at it. But he could never pull it off without the total cooperation of The McClatchy Company and of Jim Goodmon….. specifically – John Drescher, Orage Quarles, Rob “RielleWho” Christensen, John Frank, Barry Saunders, Laura Leslie, and Mark Binker to name the primary perpetrators.

Reverend Bill Barber – “The Raleigh Commanchero”

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